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MotionDen is a simple video maker that enables businesses, professionals, and hobbyists to create stunning videos online in an instant!

No downloads, no credit card, no gimmicks.

Leave the days of struggling with complex video making software behind you. MotionDen changes everything.

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Some of our most popular video templates

Choose your favorite customizable video template from a selection of premium quality designs.
Clear Moments

Clear Moments is a modern and universal video design with elegant text animations, glowing particles, soft light leaks and creative transitioning effects.


Girls and this video design have at least one thing in common, they just wanna have fun. Excitement is a modern and to-the-point fun video design!

Sliding Text

Sliding Text is the video design for impressing your audience with its clean, modern and dynamic animation. This fast paced video design features stunning & clean typography.

Digital Sliding Text

For those who are interested in a flat & modern tech style video design, Digital Sliding Text is for you! Made in a flat, simple & modern style, supported by elegant and smooth animations.

Neon eCom

Promote your next big sale with this colorful promo video designed to drive sales! Our professionally-made "Neon eCom" promotional video features stunning imagery and animations to power-up your next marketing campaign instantly.

Ultramodern Estate

Ultramodern Estate is a dynamic real estate video design skillfully designed and elegantly animated with smooth transitions and clean text animations. A fantastic way to advertise and promote your real estate agency, hotels, houses, villas, pubs, bars, restaurants and offices. Sell your commercial and residential properties today with this fantastic and well presented real estate promo.

Making A Video Has Never Been Easier

Make a customized video in just minutes

Our simple editor interface makes it easy for you to make changes to your desired templates. ‍

No Experience? No Problem.

We work hard at making the best video maker, so you don't have to.

Choose your favorite video template

Choose from a variety of professionally-made video templates ready to be customized.

No video or design experience required. ‍ Our online video maker makes it possible for everyone to create breathtaking videos.

Customize Your Video

Give your selected template the exact look you want. Upload your photos and videos, change the text, music and more.

Our video editor is simple, yet offers powerful customization options.

Download and Share

Once you've finished the video, our servers will immediately begin to generate your personalized video for you.

Within minutes you’ll have a stunning animated video which you can share to social media or download directly to your computer.

"MotionDen makes crafting your next video project fast and painless, no matter how big or small. Certainly the best video maker app we've ever used, and we’ve used them all."
Tony Young
Video Editor, Renew Sleep Solutions

Master This Powerful Video Creator in Minutes

It’s never before been possible to generate studio quality animated videos this fast.


Video editing software can often times take hours to download or install. That can’t come in handy when you’re falling behind on a deadline.

Nobody has time for that.

But it gets better. See, it also often takes a serious amount of time just to drag your way through the instructions on how to edit and create videos.

We won’t even get into what it’ll take to master other video maker alternatives. That would be too unfair for them.

Our powerful, fully dynamic video maker comes with a user-friendly online video editor pre-baked into the platform. Because truth be told, we’re all about eliminating friction and helping you cut straight to the good stuff.

With little-to-no experience, you could easily master our video creation platform in just minutes.

Making your first animated video with MotionDen takes just three simple steps.

  • Choose your desired template
  • Customize it online using our simple video maker
  • Watch our render robots generate your video in just minutes via the cloud.

It really can’t get any easier, we’re not kidding!

Types of Videos You Can Make

There is strength in numbers.

Whether you’re looking to produce marketing videos that’ll help you generate more revenue, making a birthday video for your loved ones, or simply making an intro for your YouTube channel with our intro maker. We’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves in offering a variety of video templates, suitable for anyone, no matter the goal they’re looking to achieve or video they’re trying to create.

Here are some ideas of videos you can make with MotionDen

Slideshow videos

Create masterpiece slideshow videos that leave people speechless.

MotionDen’s professionally-made slideshow templates push you further with stunning video templates optimized for personalized slideshow creation.

With professional slideshows from us, you’ll finally be able to reach for the stars.

Marketing videos

Present your brand in the best possible way by creating highly professional marketing videos.

Customize them according to your target audience and drive awareness to your content. Our online video maker will help you send clear, powerful messages that move mountains.

Video Ads

Video ads are without question the gold standard of content marketing. They are the present and the future of online advertising.

Video ads often play before, during or at the end of a video. Our video maker is a perfect tool for creating breathtaking video ads.

Explainer videos

Animated explainer videos help you convey your message in a way that anyone can understand.

These types of videos are great when you’re looking to explain a service that may be complicated to understand.

With MotionDen, harness the true power behind making awesome explainer videos by customizing any of our studio-quality explainer video templates. Long-form explanation videos don’t have to be dull and boring. MotionDen changes that for the better.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are a great way to showcase new, upcoming products that you’re looking to show off to the world.

Have an upcoming sale or promotion you’re looking to raise awareness for? Harness the power of promotional videos using MotionDen’s promo video maker app.

Typography video

Kinetic typography videos are really killing it these days.

We stay up to date with the latest in video, so you can focus on what matters most to you. With our video maker, you’ll be able to create motivating, engaging and fun typography videos that deliver your message in style.

Infographic videos

So you need to submit that presentation on Monday and it’s already Sunday evening? Looking to create marketing videos designed to persuade an audience? Worry not, because with MotionDen, making animated infographic videos never been easier.

Our video platform allows you to create high-quality infographic videos in just minutes for free.

Corporate videos

Create high-impact corporate videos using MotionDen’s video maker app.

From employee training videos, B2B lead generation, talent acquisition and everything in between. MotionDen’s video maker serves as the perfect tool for corporate video production.

Mobile App Promo Videos

Advertise your app in the best light by creating mobile app promo videos with our video maker. Create exciting content that will easily persuade viewers to visit your page and download your app.

Video presentations

Want to spice up a company meeting, or want to create an interactive presentation video? Ditch the powerpoint slides, because video presentations are known to grip the attention of audiences and help you better-deliver your message.

Whether you’re looking to sell a service or explain a topic, we’ve got you covered.

Video commercials

Also known as video ads, video commercials are among the most powerful forms of generating results with video marketing.

Unfortunately, making video commercials is often known for being a difficult, expensive and tiresome process, we wanted to put an end to that ideology. MotionDen helps you achieve professional-looking results quickly and effectively with a powerful animated video maker app.

YouTube videos

YouTube has become a powerful medium. Today, most of us probably can’t imagine the internet without it.

If you’ve ever started a YouTube channel, we’re sure you have a good idea on just how difficult it can be to grow your brand. With our world-class templates, that changes overnight.

Save time, money and headaches by wrapping up your content with an awesome animated intro and outro that make you look like a million bucks.

Want more than just an intro? The possibilities are endless. Create awesome animated teaser videos for upcoming vlogs or high-production projects you plan on releasing soon. Our animated videos play well with YouTube audiences of all shapes and sizes.

Our YouTube video maker makes for a great way to quickly produce videos for your channel.

Social Media videos

For social media success quality content trumps all.

Not all social media content is made equal. Different social media sites require different video formats. With our video maker, you’ll be able to optimize your videos for each of them.

For optimal results, next time you post a video on Instagram, make sure it’s created by MotionDen

Business videos

These days, creating quality animated videos for your business is vital.

Whether you need video content for advertising purposes, or just making shareable content for your social media business page, give MotionDen’s video maker a shot. Our large collection of templates has something for all your business & video marketing needs.

Vertical videos

We understand the importance of mobile optimization, it’s hard to ignore. Use MotionDen to create stunning vertical videos, perfect for when you’re looking to specifically target mobile audiences with your newly-created video content.

Birthday videos

Is there any better way to wish someone a happy birthday than with a fully customized birthday video?

Birthday cards can be charming, we get it. But if you really want to make someone’s day, maybe you should try something different and send them a birthday video instead.

With our video maker, you’ll be able to do that and more. MotionDen helps you mash together photos and video clips into a beautiful and personalized birthday video so that you can share your saved memories with friends, family and loved ones on their special day.

Customize Your Video to Make it Your Own

Everyone is unique in their own way. We understand.

Personalization and expression are important to us, which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that powerful customization features were baked directly into our video editor platform.

Customize the text, change the images, upload your own video clips, even change the colors and music.

Make MotionDen video templates truly yours.

Make Great Videos Without Breaking the Bank

Get big-budget results without a Hollywood studio budget.

Before being made public, MotionDen templates are vetted by in-house marketing professionals and designers to ensure that only the highest quality videos ever go public.

Let us help you harness the true potential of making animated videos. Sign up for MotionDen and start making your own personalized videos today. No experience required.

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