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In the short time it’s been around, YouTube has revolutionized how we experience video.

It’s safe to say that YouTube is the new TV.

A YouTube intro, though often short, is like your channel trademark.

MotionDen’s online intro maker allows you to create breathtaking animated intros for your YouTube channel in just minutes. No headaches, no software downloads, no gimmicks.

See the magic for yourself, in just a few minutes you could have your own fully personalized YouTube intro.

Dark Smoke

Display your branded video with a smoke inspired logo opener! Dark Smoke is a multipurpose intro that features neutral colored dark smoke trails floating among a particle filled background. To modify this template, simply upload your own custom image/logo containing a transparent background.

Pattern Blast

Pattern Blast is a beautifully crafted 2D intro that is suitable for channels who want to get their video started on the right foot. Editing Pattern Blast is simple, simply enter your desired text and let us handle the rest.

Oceanic Pumps

Oceanic Pumps is one of our most popular 3D intro templates. It features professionally synched pumps and blue, black and white patterns. Customizing this project is easy, simply enter your custom text and let us handle the rest.

Fire Red

Fire up your video with this easy to edit & dark-themed fire red intro! Available only for a limited time.


Use this beautifully designed 8-bit gaming intro template to create a fully customized custom introduction in minutes. Our online intro maker helps you create a fully custom intro in just minutes, simply upload your photos and text to our channel and let us handle the rest.


Bright up your day with this purple and inviting intro & outro. This upbeat text opener requires only a name and slogan to be complete!


A New & Simple Way to Create Intros for YouTube

Browse our selection of studio-quality animated intros

The first step to creating your channel’s intro is choosing from our list of high-quality YouTube intro templates.

We have a range of different templates available for channels of all types. From quick and subtle intros to more extended opening sequences, you’ll always have a wide variety of options available.

Customize it, change the colors, text, and upload your photos

When it comes time to customize your YouTube intro, you’ll have quite a few tools at your disposal so that you can make it your own. For example, you’ll be able to alter the colors so that they match the theme of your channel.

Of course, you'll also be able to add custom text to the introduction so that people can recognize the channel. Finally, you can also upload custom photos to be used in your intro, like your logo.

We’ll generate your video, that’s it

Once you have all of this set up, the MotionDen YouTube intro maker will create the clip, and you'll be able to review it for coherence before exporting it. Instead of spending hours poring over the same video clip, you can instead use MotionDen to simplify the process.

YouTube Intro Maker

Our business is more than just our website. MotionDen gives us the ability to power up our social media videos with beautiful animated intros. Their intro maker is so intuitive and functional. I love it!

Devon Jackson

Content Creator, Salt

A New & Simple Way to Create Intros for YouTube

Using MotionDen to create a personalized YouTube intro is far simpler than using pro video editing programs.

Compared to the alternatives, MotionDen is more affordable, but also far easier to use. All you have to do is choose the right template and then adjust it to your liking.

MotionDen’s template-based intro maker runs fully on the cloud, enabling you to ditch the old-school way of customizing videos with bulky and expensive animation software.

Types of Intros You can Make

3D Intros

3D intros are typically more complicated than their 2D counterparts, but since MotionDen does most of the work for you, you won’t have to worry about difficulty being a factor. 3D intros play well with just about any type of content you’re looking to showcase. However we’ll be the first to tell you, these types of intros are typically more common among gamers.

2D Intros

2D intros will be displayed on a flat plane, and they are usually more simplistic, which makes them a great choice for those who are looking to take a more minimalist approach. Believe it or not, we’re actually big fans of this method for producing content.

Gaming Intros

Although our YouTube intro maker comes equipped with a collection of intro templates for channels of all types, shapes, and sizes, gaming intros still reign supreme as the most popular type of MotionDen intro style. From action lets plays to grand strategy campaigns, you’ll find all sorts of gaming channel intros on MotionDen.

Heck, we’ve even got some Minecraft Animation Intros.

Professional Intros

Of course, if you need something a little more refined and restrained, we also have a range of professional templates available.

Logo Reveals

For those who prefer to take advantage of the branding opportunity that is presented in a channel intro, a logo reveal will suit you well. Unveil your company logo at the beginning of each of your videos, and become a staple in the eyes of your fans. Our intro maker allows you to upload custom images during the video editor process.

Upbeat Intros

For lifestyle channels or influencers which are more laid back, an upbeat style intro may play well with the theme of your content. Coupled with the right music and soft colors, an upbeat intro can make your viewers feel pick-up awesome vibes from your content before the video even starts.

Your YouTube Channel, Your Look

Using our YouTube intro creator, you can rest assured that your intros will remain unique. Every YouTube channel is special, and your intro gives you a perfect chance to express that uniqueness before your videos even begin.

To that end, MotionDen provides you with the tools you need to add text, images, and more to your intros.

Beyond that, you’ll even be able to change the music that you use in your intro, ensuring that it will fit the overall style of your content.

Make Great YouTube Intros Without Breaking the Bank

Without MotionDen, creating an intro for your YouTube channel typically involves hiring a video editor to create a custom YouTube intro for you, which is known to cost an arm and leg.

To cut costs, many opt for using intro templates but struggle with making them look unique. They’re templates which are often used by many, we understand.

For this reason, we’ve allowed powerful customization features, enabling you to fully personalize each intro template to your liking.

The power is in your hands.

MotionDen is one of the best ways to save money while still creating a high-quality YouTube intro.

Each of our templates are vetted by in-house design & marketing professionals to ensure that only the highest quality templates are ever made public. And the ability to customize them means that no two intros will be the same.

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