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When was the last time you were stunned by a billboard or a magazine ad? Perhaps even a flyer or brochure that made your jaw drop?

I can't remember either.

It’s no secret that these days, video is officially the king of content.

In fact, according to YouTube's Official Blog, “people around the world are now watching a billion hours of YouTube’s video content every single day”.

This is precisely why we've created MotionDen, a YouTube video maker that reigns supreme among animation & YouTube video maker solutions.

In an ever-changing social media landscape, MotionDen’s YouTube video maker helps you stay on top of the competition with high-impact and engaging YouTube videos designed to perform!

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"MotionDen's video maker app makes it possible for me to produce quick promotional YouTube videos for my brand, without having to spend hundreds on video production or animation."

Oscar Jimenez

Content Creator, YouTube

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Making High Quality YouTube Videos is Important

High quality content will always win.

We strongly believe that you should always go the extra mile and do absolutely everything you can to make the best video content possible.

The way to do that is to use YouTube animated video templates that are professionally betted by in-house animators and marketers before being made public. At MotionDen, we do this for you. Every video template we have available is reviewed by professionals prior to being made public. This is done to ensure that you only receive the best possible work that is available online.

Don't cut corners and try to get away with mediocre content.

Types of YouTube Videos You Can Make

Truth be told, there are more than ten different popular YouTube video ideas which can all be applied to your YouTube channel or business. By using our YouTube video maker, you get the chance to make whichever format suits you the best. Here are a few:

Marketing Videos

These types of videos are all encompassing, usually promoting either a product, service or brand.

Video Ads

These are otherwise known as ‘’linear video ads’’ and can essentially play before, during, or at the end of an online video. In most cases, they are rather short (play for about 30 seconds) and take over the whole video player space.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short & animated videos used to describe your product or a business. The goal is to engage viewers in compelling ways by presenting your topic with fun cartoon characters. Explainer videos sometimes include voice-overs, which helps explain your topic to viewers. As their name suggests, the main purpose of this type of video is to envelop the product (or your business) in a positive light. Due to their short and concise nature, promotional videos simplify the process of reaching the customers and making them buy from you.

Promotional Videos

These are meant for a specific a set of products, services or even a team that you want to showcase. This usually revolves around a few key messages you want to say.

Typography Videos

Known as ‘’Kinetic Typography’’, these animated text videos display fun & catchy animated text. They use various animation techniques to expand, shrink, bounce, grow, and change the sentences you put on your video! Typography videos are an excellent way to present your new business idea. Short on time? Typography videos are among the quickest videos to make.

Infographic Videos

The format of an infographic is more technical than what you would expect. It incorporates a lot of factual statements which makes the source of the video trustworthy and reliable.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are not intended for the general public. Companies use them in order to target specific audiences such as stakeholders and other businesses. In some cases, a corporate video can be directed towards the internal employees as well.

Mobile App Promo Videos

Have a mobile app? Using a mobile app promotional videos can help boost your app's popularity from within the app store. These videos showcase everything about your mobile app to potential users.

Video Presentations

There are several types of video presentations. They can be an animated or a recorded video that describes a certain service or a product. Moreover, they can act as PowerPoint presentations which have been converted into a video format.

Video Commercials

Video commercials are basically the same thing as the ones that you see on TV, the only difference being that they’re now online. It’s the most general way of promoting anything.

As you can see, there’s a variety of YouTube video styles to choose from. No matter which of them you choose to make, just know that our YouTube video maker can make it look as professional as it can get.

Make (Awesome) YouTube Videos While Saving Time & Money

The reason why Motionden is the solution, and not just a solution, is because we not only cost less than professional video editors or animation studios, but also other video making apps.

We believe in having an amazing product that is accessible, affordable, but without sacrificing quality. Through our automation we actually cut a lot of the costs associated with video making and other manual labor. We pass on the savings directly to you leaving you with the best YouTube video maker.

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