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The Best Way to Create Cinematic Movie Trailers Online

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, filmmaking is a pursuit that can get pricey, so it helps to cut back on costs wherever you can without affecting the quality of the final product. However, trailers are one area where you won’t want to make sacrifices, as they can greatly affect the exposure of your film.

However, making a quality trailer can often be a pricey endeavor, and it can also be time-consuming, mainly due to the complicated video editing programs you have to use. MotionDen promises to change the way we look at trailer production forever thanks to their simple and intuitive trailer maker.

The movie trailer maker from MotionDen provides you with all of the tools you need to make a template-based movie trailer. Unlike other trailer creator programs, MotionDen can be used by anyone, regardless of how much training they have, and the more you use it, the better you’ll get.

However, even if you’re just getting started with the MotionDen trailer maker, then you’ll be able to throw together a trailer in five minutes. You can then use the extensive customization options to personalize your trailer and ensure that it fits with the overall theme of your movie before finally exporting the file.

The best part of all of this? MotionDen is 100% cloud-based, meaning that you can access it from any device, and you won’t have to wait for lengthy downloads that will take up space on your machine. If you believe convenience is something that has been sorely lacking in video editing programs, then you’ll love MotionDen.

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Reach More People With Exciting Trailer Videos

Trailers are one of the most crucial parts of film production, which is ironic when you consider that they’re often less than 1% of a film’s total runtime. As with any other product, a film needs sufficient publicity to ensure that it’s successful, and the most prevalent form of film publicity is the movie trailer.

Regardless of whether your film is a professional or amateur production, you're going to need to make a movie trailer sooner or later, but it can take a lot of time and effort to edit one together. In the end, however, even if a preview requires a lot of work, it will be sure to benefit the production immensely.

However, you can’t just slap together a poorly-made movie trailer and expect it to bring people through the door to see your film. A poor trailer can actually do more harm than good. Even if you’ve put together an excellent film, that may not be enough to save it from a low-quality trailer.

If you want to make your own movie trailer and save money doing it, then MotionDen has the tools you need to put together something that will be sure to grab the viewers’ attention.

Types of Trailer Videos You Can Make

Film announcements

One of the most common types of trailers is the film announcement or teaser trailer. These trailers usually won't reveal too much information besides the name of the project and the release date. However, you'll still have to give the viewer some hints, regardless of whether they are audio or visual cues.

Movie trailers

A typical movie trailer will be meant to stand alone, and this is the kind of trailer that people will see when they search for your film before it comes out. Standard previews have to balance what they reveal to the viewer with what they save for the film, as you won't want to spoil too much.

Movie openings

Beyond movie trailers, you can also use MotionDen's movie trailer maker to produce the opening to your film. The ability to add custom text means that you'll be able to insert the opening credits and the name of the clip onto one of our templates, making the job far simpler.

Movie endings

You can even make the conclusion to your film using MotionDen. From upbeat ends to sad ones, there are templates for all kinds of films, and you can also adjust the music to your liking. MotionDen makes it easier to transition to the ending credits from the final scene of your movie.

Promotional messages

If you have any advertisers or partners that you would like to promote before or after your film, then MotionDen can also make that easier. You can use a different template for each of the promotional messages that air, and the photo upload feature will allow you to include their name and logo.


Finally, you can also use MotionDen to create pre-film announcements. For example, you can remind viewers to shut off their cell phones before the movie, or you can let them know that the time has come to put their 3D glasses on.

Customize any Trailer Template, Make it Yours

The degree of customization that is offered by MotionDen is what sets it apart from other template-based movie trailer maker programs. You can truly make your trailer unique using all of the provided options. For example, you can edit the color of various elements in the trailer to match the theme of your film.

One of the more helpful features is the ability to upload custom images or logos, which will make it far simpler to import the stylized title of your film. Of course, you can also include custom text throughout the trailer, which lets you add the names of your cast members.

Make Great Cinematic Trailer Videos Without Breaking the Bank

As we’ve already mentioned, making movies can be costly and time-consuming, but the MotionDen trailer maker ensures that the process is far simpler and smoother. You can use this program to make your own trailer without needing to enlist the help of an entire team. On a final note, the program is 100% cloud-based, ensuring that you won’t have to deal with lengthy installations.

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