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A New, Simple Way to Create Text Animations

Videos do an excellent job of combining both audio and visuals to send a message, but they also take more effort to produce than still images. Animations tend to be easier to make than live-action videos, and text animations are some of the simplest ones, consisting of words or other text on a background.

Whether your video has a narrator speaking over it or a soft musical tune in the background, you will need the right text animation maker to put it together. You can either opt for a piece of high-end animating software, or you can hire a firm to accomplish the task, but both of those choices are quite pricey.

MotionDen provides you with an alternative that is far more affordable, while remaining accessible, even to users who have never worked with text animation software. Another advantage of MotionDen is that it is entirely based in the cloud, meaning you don’t have to worry about large downloads.

If you’re skeptical about MotionDen, you can even get started for free with no credit card information required, so you won’t have to watch out for any hidden charges. Our text animation editing program can generate a customized video within five minutes of getting started.

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Reasons to Make Text Animation Videos

Text animation videos can be used for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, education, and more. When compared to other media, text animations are easier to retain and accessible.

They’re engaging

For those looking to ensure that their message is heard, text animation videos will usually grab the attention of the viewer, provided they are well-made. Most videos of this type will feature eye-catching colors and audio that will draw the viewer’s attention with ease, unlike written materials and other alternatives.

Engagement is typically the most crucial factor when it comes to ensuring that your point is retained by the audience, and MotionDen’s text animation maker helps you create captivating clips.

They’re attractive

Another advantage to text animations is that they look good, which will usually make them more entertaining for the viewers. A well-made text animation can be a work of art in its own right, especially when all of the colors are working together and the audio track fits in perfectly.

The attractiveness of the video you create with the MotionDen text animation maker will also play into how engaging it is, as it will be more likely to enrapture the viewer.

They’re fun

Text animations are also fun for both the viewer and the creator. Putting together a quality text animation is like assembling a puzzle, as you find where each part of the video fits best and with what audio accompaniment. While it takes a bit of practice, the result is always satisfying.

The audience will also have more fun watching a text animation, especially when you compare it to alternate ways to get your point across like a public service announcement or a written bulletin.

They’re easy to share

Since text animations are video files, they are also easy to share with friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else you would like to send them to. Instead of having to physically distribute your message, you can share it through the internet, making text animations far more convenient.

Text animations are even capable of going viral if they are shared enough times or if they are picked up by an account on social media that has a significant following.

They’re short and to the point

When you’re trying to get your message across, the last thing you want to do is bore your audience, as they will be far more likely to tune you out and miss your point. Our text animation maker is perfect for creating videos that are short and concise, making it easy for viewers to follow along.

Text animations can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes long without getting meandering, though their length should always be relative to the amount of information they have to share.

The MotionDen text animation maker gives you a convenient way of creating these videos. When compared to other types of presentations, text animations tend to be more engaging for the audience, more fun for the creator, and easier to share, among other advantages.

Reach More People with Engaging Animated Text Videos

Whether you’re looking to produce a text animation for your business or if you’re just a hobbyist who enjoys making them to inform or entertain, text animations can help you reach more people. For example, in a business environment, you can use text animations as training materials, in-depth PSAs, and more.

Marketers can also use MotionDen to their advantage, as a text animation is a great way to spread the word about a product or service that you (or a client) are selling.

Customize Your Animated Text Video, Make It Your Own

MotionDen's template-based nature is what makes it easier to use than the competition, but that doesn't mean you don't have a wide range of tools to use when it comes to customizing your video. If you're looking to adjust the audio, you can change the music to match your video's aesthetic.

You can also add custom video clips or images using our text animation maker, and you can even adjust the background color.

Make Amazing Animated Text Videos Without Breaking the Bank

The video templates that we used for our text animations have all been overseen by experts and professionals in the field of videography. This will help ensure they are all beautiful and capable of getting the point across with ease.

MotionDen is one of the most affordable ways to create text animations, especially when you compare it to high-quality software that is usually up to ten times more expensive. Also, no matter where you’re working or which device you’re using, you’ll be able to access MotionDen on the cloud.

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