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A new, simple way to create text animations

Also known as kinetic typography, text animation videos are a great way to create animated video content to engage with fans, viewers and even potential business leads.

Motionden is an easy-to-use text animation maker that enables you to instantly create high-impact animated videos for free via the cloud, no need for complex animation software or high-budget animation studios.

You could be creating personalized text animation videos for your project or idea sooner than you think. Our cloud-based video maker helps you create text animation videos in just minutes. No experience required.

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Reasons to make text animation videos

Truth be told, making animated videos is the new gold-standard in creating valuable online content. And text animation is a very simple form of video content that features words as the main focus. Luckily, this makes them perfect for when you’re looking to hammer your point home.

Text animation videos can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it’s for entertainment, business, education and everything in between.

When compared to other forms of media, text animation videos are among the most easily-digestible, easy-to-make and engaging ways to consume content.

They’re engaging

For those looking to ensure that their message is heard, text animation videos are known for gripping the attention of viewers, provided that they’re well-made.

Most text animation videos feature eye-catching colors and music that naturally draw people in with ease, unlike written material which requires you to strain your eyes when trying to read through it all.

They’re attractive

Another advantage to text animations is that they often look gorgeous, which is never a bad thing.

See, we’re all about the details. There’s a reason for why book covers often look as good as they do.

A well-made text animation video can be a work of art in its own way. This can play directly in your favor, enabling you to grandfather all of the authority that your customized text animation video has gained through its high-production look and feel.

They’re fun

People will also have more fun watching a text animation, especially when compared to alternate ways to get your point across like boring emails or arranged meetings.

But it gets better. See, text animations are also fun to make. While it takes a bit of practice, the results are always satisfying.

They’re easy to share

Text animation videos are also easy to share with friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else you would like to send them to.

Instead of having to physically distribute your message, you can share it through the internet, making typography videos a convenient way to share messages with the world.

Text animations are even capable of going viral if they are shared enough times or if they are picked up by an account on social media that has a significant following.

Make a hilarious typography video with Motionden’s video maker, and watch the world go nuts!

They’re short and to the point

When you’re trying to get your message across, the last thing you want to do is bore your audience to death.

People are quick to tune you out if you’re not careful.

Our text animation maker is perfect for creating videos that are short and concise, making it easy for anyone to follow along.

Often times, animated text videos can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute long, though their length should always be relative to the amount of information you’re sharing.

Reach more people with engaging animated text videos

Whether you’re looking to produce a text animation for your business or if you’re just a hobbyist who enjoys making them for your social media pages, text animations can help you more effectively reach more people. That’s without a doubt.

Marketers can harness the power of animated video with Motionden, as a text animation is a great way to spread the word about a product or service that you (or a client) are selling.

Additionally, in a business setting, you can use text animation videos for training purposes, public service announcements, lead-generation, employee onboarding, talent recruitment videos and so much more.

Customize your animated text video, make it your own

Motionden's template-based nature makes it unbelievably easy for anyone to customize videos in minutes.

We have a video customization feature for almost everything you can think of.

Looking to change the images and videos on a video? Our image upload tool enables you to upload as many photos and video clips as you can fit into your video.

Want to change the colors? We’ve got you covered with our simple-to-use color replacement feature.

Want to modify the text? Consider it done.

Even though our video maker and editor are simple to use, they’re packed with powerful customization features, making our platform one of the most powerful video maker tools there is today.

Make amazing animated text videos without breaking the bank

With a vault of high-quality video templates to use with your text animations, Motionden lets you create the animated text videos of your dreams, even when on a tight budget.

High-end software can often be up to ten times more expensive than Motionden, and nowhere near as user-friendly. Whether you’re a hobbyist or you need to create text animations for your business, Motionden has the tools to help you.


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