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In a time when social media reigns supreme, the best way to connect with the world, unquestionably, is through social media videos. See, video is dominating the media, business & entertainment landscape. And MotionDen is the worlds best social media video maker.

For more than 50 years, broadcast and cable television used to be one of the most effective ways to connect with the world. As internet popularity grew, people began to abandon the old and inaccessible television giants. These days, the average person spends more time on social media than they do watching TV.

MotionDen is a powerful & dynamic social media video creation platform. We enable businesses, marketers & hobbyists to create engaging customized videos for their social media pages.


Urban flash template brings fashion and style to your video. With upbeat music and fashionable actors, you can create a trendy eye-catching video.


Fun and engaging. This is perfect to use for brand awareness campaigns, especially on social media. Energetic music and rapid succession of text. Design elements that give texture and character. Short, sleek and effective. Ideal for creating brand awareness, letting your audience want to find out more. PRECISION, the perfect typography video for brand awareness campaigns. This upbeat typography video design gives you character. Being short, sleek and effective for letting your audience want to find out more.


Hard sport focuses on aggressive zoom in's and outs for dynamic display of your media. Use Hard Sport when you want powerful concise words to describe your ideas.


Archive uses a trendy blurry static graphic during transitions. Archive splits your media into grids so you can show multiple images.

Motion Shapes

A simple yet upbeat typography design made to promote your business or message! Motion Shapes features beautiful animated slides and fun music to put the icing on the cake.


MILLENNIAL is a stunning and flexible video design with a modern touch, comes with quick transitions and creative text animations.


Social Media Video Maker

MotionDen's video maker made it easy for me to introduce video into our weekly social media posts. Even with no prior video editing experience, I'm able to easily customize videos in just minutes.

Sarah Cuellar

Social Media Manager, Snack Nation

Reach More People with Engaging Social Media Videos

There's a number of ways to approach social media video creation, but one thing that should remain consistent is engagement. See, social media is a place where people turn to for entertainment. Likewise, you need to ensure that the videos you produce are engaging and fun for your audience to watch. No one's interested in messy, poorly made videos. Well-made promotional social media videos can make a huge difference in your social media campaign success.

Remember, on social media, you’re competing with cat videos, vloggers, gamers and more entertainers than we could bear to count. To stand out among the crowd, you must first ensure that your video is worthwhile to watch.

Types of Social Media Videos You Can Make

With social media videos, the possibilities are endless.

Expressing your product, service or idea can mean anything on social media. From making cool video snippets of your new product features to making full-length promotional videos for Facebook or YouTube. Whatever you plan to promote through video can mold into any style of video you have an interest in making. No matter the audience.

Social media videos can often be any of the following:

Video Advertisements

Of all the types of video styles listed here, video display ads are probably the most common. In fact, every website that you visit or mobile app that you use has them. They usually play in full screen before, in the middle, or at the end of a video (on YouTube, for example). Most apps have them appear after a certain function is carried out.

Explainer Videos

The purpose of an explainer video is, well, to explain. You can use an explainer video to promote just about anything. From explaining your business to talking about product features, or even explaining your service. These videos are extremely popular across all social media platforms. Explainer videos typically contain animated cartoon characters along with professionally-made voice overs.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are king if you're looking to get people excited about an upcoming event or product release. Promotional social media videos are the most common of all, due to their effectiveness in engaging customers.

Typography Videos

Known as “Kinetic Typography", typography videos are videos that allow you to animate text. These videos give you a unique way to present your product, service or idea in an engaging, fun and simple way. From altering letters, words, and even sentences in engaging ways, typography gives your video a fun twist. You can zoom in on an important word, bounce them around, shrink sentences, or even slow their movement. With MotionDen, kinetic typography videos take as little as 3 minutes to make.

Infographic Videos

Infographic videos rely on using knowledge, statistics, and information to get a point across. Due to their fact-driven nature, most people would agree that infographic videos are among the most authoritative and trustworthy forms of video content.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos have been building a name for themselves over the past few years since they’ve begun to be more engaging and warm. Many corporations produce corporate videos for a number of reasons. From company press conferences, staff training videos, B2B lead generation, hiring videos and more. Corporate video production isn’t known for being sexy, rather it's focused on getting the job done at scale. MotionDen helps bridge the gap between affordability, quality, and accessible corporate video production.

Mobile App Promo Videos

Made to promote mobile apps, mobile app promo videos are promotional videos with a twist. Often viewed on mobile devices (social media, app stores etc), it’s not uncommon for these promo videos to be in vertical format. It’s important to note that users are more likely to engage with vertical video while on their smartphone than they are with a standard format video.

Video Presentations

Video presentations are popular among businesses that have something they'd like to share. To picture what a video presentation is like, imagine taking a powerpoint, adding engaging animations and turning it into a video. The topics behind video presentations can be anything under the sun. Whether you’re presenting a business idea, cat videos, or even your new vegan steak sandwich recipe, we’ve got you covered! It's time to present your idea without having to skip through boring, static slides.

Facebook Videos

Giving you the ability to reach over 1.5 billion users daily, Facebook is a giant among social media platforms and a powerhouse when it comes to video. Posting videos on Facebook may sound pointless, especially when there are platforms like YouTube. Well, let us be the first to tell you, that just couldn't be further from the truth. When making a video for social media, it’s recommended that you make a Facebook-specific version (square or vertical). Doing so enables you to get the most out of every platform. Making great Facebook can be difficult, MotionDen makes it easier than ever before.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are known for being the lifeblood for many businesses, marketers and video creators. On YouTube, you can make videos for just about anything under the sun. By enabling you to easily create engaging, high impact videos tailored to your audience, MotionDen’s YouTube video maker turns video creation simple. No matter the niche.

While this all sounds great, it’s important to remember that YouTube is owned by Google, the world’s leading search engine. Suspiciously, YouTube videos make up 80% of Google’s top video search results (favorability much?). In other words, if you want to drive unlimited free traffic to yourself or your business, YouTube should be number one in your list.

Video Commercials

Video commercial production is among the oldest and most mature methods of video marketing. Often used as video advertisements, video commercials deliver personalized & people-focused video experiences. Video ads and video commercials are terms which can be often interchanged.


Now that you have a list of possible social media videos which you can make, the only thing left to do is to determine which is best suited for your business. No matter what video style you need, our social media video maker does it all.

Your Social Media Videos, Your Look

We understand the value behind being able to brand yourself online. See, personalization is one of the hottest topics in the world of marketing & sales. Which is why MotionDen enables users to customize their videos by offering a feature-rich video editor.

Change the text, upload your own images, change the colors, even upload custom music! Personalization breeds authenticity, and authenticity drives brand equity.

Make high-impact social media videos without a big business budget

Affordability is important,

Now while we do understand the importance of social media videos, we also understand that video is a difficult thing to master.

See, here’s the thing.

Before MotionDen, things weren't so easy. Businesses, professionals, and hobbyists who needed customized animated videos didn't have many options. You either worked with animation studios or freelance motion designers to produce videos. It goes without saying that neither of these options is within the price range of most people (usually hundreds, even thousands of dollars).

Even if a custom animated video was within budget, this type of video creation can take months to complete.

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a minute long customized animated video that took months to deliver.

There should be a better way to produce great video content.

Now there is.

MotionDen’s powerful social media video maker is the leading video creation platform, and rightfully so. We enable people from anywhere in the world to create videos in minutes, not months. And for free, not for thousands of dollars.

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