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Motionden enables businesses & professionals to easily make professional video presentations online. Our free video presentation maker comes with a variety of templates that suit any and all styles of presentations. From explainer animations to whiteboard corporate presentations, we’ve got it all.

Every month, we enable millions of users to experience the true power of video with our video presentation maker software.


173+ video templates to choose from

Choose from hundreds of award winning video templates, ready for instant customization. Desktop & mobile friendly templates available.

How to make a video in a snap

Choose your favorite video template

Choose from hundreds of professionally-made video templates.

Customize your video using our simple editor

Give your video the exact look you want. Upload your photos and videos, change the text, music and more. No video or design experience required.

Download your video in any format & share

Customized videos are delivered instantly. Within seconds you’ll have a breathtaking video you can share with the world.

Benefits of making video presentations with Motionden

Did you know that 79% of consumers would rather watch videos to learn about a product, service or topic than to read text on a page? If you want to drive more customers to your business, or ‘wow’ your audience, you need to put your best foot forward and present yourself with an online video presentation!

There’s a catch, though.

Making video presentations can be a hard task to accomplish without professional experience with video animation software. Of course, that’s only true if you’re not using Motionden’s video presentation software.

Want to make a video presentation without breaking a sweat? Take our helping hand and give Motionden a try.

Businesses & marketers who use Motionden understand, we’re the perfect solution to any and all video presentation needs.

Some of the benefits of making video presentations with Motionden:

Get more engagement

Considering that in a few years, industry experts are expecting video to account for 70% of all online traffic, it's important to future-proof your brand and start planning a video content strategy. It almost goes without saying, the more people you get interested in your business, the more money will come your way.

Explain your business or topic with ease

You don’t want to see your potential customers struggling to understand what your business is about, right? So, why not explain everything to them in an animated presentation? Videos are known to capture, retain and engage more than any other mode of communication, this is an unquestionable truth. Motionden turns the best route into the easiest route.

Build brand equity

Motionden understands the importance of first impressions. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have created this landing page, better yet this company. At the very core, our video presentation software was designed to help you showcase your brand in its best light. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great video is priceless. And we’re here to help you get there.

Increase your authority

People know, it’s hard to compete with those who are willing to go the extra mile. Are you willing to make an awesome video presentation for your audience? Chances are that if you do, then they’ll know you’re someone worth listening to. And as the saying goes, It’s never crowded along the extra mile.

Get better results or sales

Studies show that people are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching its video presentation. Fortunately, making a video presentation with Motionden takes as little as five minutes.

Look professional

It’s the 21st century, and the world has gone digital. If you’re not already using the perks that come with modern tech, you’re gonna trail behind your competition.

The fact is that 87% of online businesses are already using videos for their marketing needs. In other words, if you consider yourself a professional, making video presentations is non-negotiable.

We could go on forever, but we’ll stop ourselves here. If there’s just one thing that you could take away from this, let it be this; having a bad video presentation is worse than having none at all.

Don’t put your trust in shady video creation platforms. If you cut corners, you’ll always cut yourself short.

Your video presentation, your look

Creativity is what moves this world forward, but the only way to unlock your creative potential is to eliminate any obstacles in your way.

That’s the reason why we made Motionden templates as customizable as possible. Using our video presentation maker will let you create exactly the kind of video you had in mind, rather than letting someone else decide for you.

For that reason, we’ve made Motionden’s video presentation templates fully customizable, enabling you to fully express yourself through video. Whether you need a video presentation for your growing business, new service, or next week’s big meeting, our video maker has got you covered. It's time to make your content yours.

Upload your own music, choose your favorite colors, add your own text and upload your own media. Motionden has got you covered.

Leave your audience speechless with a great video presentation

In today’s day and age, It’s a fact that video presentations move mountains.

According to world-leading analyst Dr. James McQuivey, one minute of video equals 1.8 million words. In other words, a 60-second video presentation will make a stronger impact than writing a 3600-page-long book about your business.

But, if this is true, why isn’t everyone who uses video presentations becoming a millionaire? The answer is simple – their presentations aren’t good enough!

The only way to send your message to the right people is to create a great video presentation. And the easiest way to do it is with a little help from us.

Make great video presentations without breaking the bank

As every business guru will tell you, you need to spend money to make money. But, why would you waste your hard-earned income on something you can get for free?

Motionden’s video presentation maker is completely free to try.

Corporate businesses, growing startups, and professionals alike can now benefit from the power of great animated video.

We help people make top-quality presentation videos without needing to break the bank with motion designers or “award-winning” design agencies. All for the same result, if not better.

There’s no need to spend any more time looking for the best video presentation maker. You’ve already found it.


Everything you need to create jaw-dropping videos

Powerful features that make editing your videos easy. We have everything you could ask for, and more.

Simple, powerful customization options

High-quality video creation doesn't have to be difficult, so we're rewriting the rules.

Our video maker delivers simple features that don't compromise. Full control has never been so easy.

Automatic, instant delivery

We automatically begin generating your video for you as soon as you're done applying changes.

In seconds, you'll have a fully-personalized video.

Millions of 100% free stock assets

Choose from millions of professional photos, videos and music built directly into our editor, or upload your own.

No need to look anywhere else to make your video a masterpiece.

Let's face it. Nothing beats amazing community

We're always listening to our community, releasing new features & improvements to stay ahead of the curve.

Our world class community forum & support team is available 24/7, because we're better together.


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