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Leave the days of struggling with complex & bulky animation software behind you, and start making awesome videos with MotionDen today.

Energetic Style

Energetic Style Opener is an awesome video template with a strong and edgy design, dynamic text animations and stylish transitioning effects. It's extremely easy to use and edit and works well for all types of video goals.


Inspiration photo slideshow is a stylish and artistic video slideshow with a visually appealing design, smooth text animations, soft light leaks and elegantly animated brush stroke transitioning effects. Create your next luxurious and vintage looking slideshow with this fantastic slideshow video!

Multipurpose promo

A stylish and upbeat video perfect for displaying promotions and advertising. We help captivate your audience with dynamic transitions and trendy. With our easy platform, you will save time in creating an amazing video!

Company Promo

Set the tone with this multipurpose company promo slideshow presentation. This beautifully designed template is suitable for websites, presentations, social proof, events and more!

Business Quality Ad

Raise enthusiasm & express your business with a bold and creative business slideshow ad. The black and yellow video slideshow sets a solid foundation for social proof & professionalism. Editing this business slideshow is easy, simply upload your brand photos and modify the text to suit your needs. We'll handle the rest.

Modern Edge

Modern Edge is a great way to show off your sports, fashion, new products, portfolio and more! Blow away your audience with this stunning video animation.


Photo Video Maker

MotionDen helps us mash together animated movies for social media using photos and video clips from our business events. We used to struggle with trying to untangle complex animation software. Not anymore!

Jimmy Douglas

Marketing Strategist, Zen Planner

Turn Your Photos and Videos Into Something Special

Using just photos or plainly recorded videos to promote your business or idea can be great. But, how about combining the two?

The possibilities are almost endless with our photo video maker. Turn photos and video clips into engaging animated movies with MotionDen.

Incorporating imaginative videos into your online content makes for highly digestible media, as you will break those nasty long-form paragraphs of text into breathable, engaging content.

Truth be told, people appreciate effort. And going out of your way to create awesome videos from photos shows that you go the extra mile.

On the other hand, if you want to create videos from photos for other reasons, you will surely enjoy the professional-looking end product.

Whether you’re looking to make a slideshow video for the holidays, family vacation, a birthday video or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Our photo video maker is so easy to use, you'll be sharing your finished content faster than ever before.

Create Videos from Photos With Our Video Maker Software

Reliability, simplicity, and personalization is at the core of what we do.

No previous experience with editing videos? No problem.

Our photo video maker requires no previous experience. Immediately harness the power of making awesome animated videos with MotionDen’s easy-to-use video maker.

Follow just a few simple steps, unleash your imagination and before you know it, your awesome animated movies will be ready for sharing.

We keep things simple, so you can focus on what matters most in your life.

Sign up for MotionDen, choose a template that suits your needs, edit the text, add some music, and watch us instantly begin to generate your video.

It couldn’t be any easier.

Fully Customize Your Video - Make it Yours

With MotionDen, the power is in your hands. Make personalized videos with ease.

See, here’s the thing.

We understand everyone is unique, we can’t control that. That being said, we’ve made it essential that you have the ability to make full video customizations that you’d like to make.

Choose from a variety of templates

Choose from hundreds of free video templates, ready to be personalized to your heart’s desire.

Changing color

Making a company video, or changing the colors on a template to suit a holiday theme? With MotionDen, you’ll have full control over the colors displayed in the video.

Add custom music

Upload custom music of your choosing, or browse from our selection of free & commercially licensed music tracks from best-selling artists!

Change the text

For true personalization, nothing speaks louder than adding personalized messages to videos that you share with the world.

Change the photos and videos

Add photos from your family vacation to your personalized MotionDen video, or even create personal happy birthday videos using pictures of you and your friends, family or loved ones. Lastly, if you’re making a company presentation, you can even upload company images and photos from people in the office to create a company video for your website.

Whatever might spark your interest, MotionDen makes it possible.

And more coming soon..

The Secrets to Creating Great Videos With Photos

Creating awesome videos with bulky video editing software can be tricky. When not equipped with the right skillsets, you’ll be lucky to get it right.

Use MotionDen as your secret video-maker powerhouse by creating stunning videos using our gold-standard video templates.

Our in-house design team cherry-picks videos that make it through our extensive process to ensure that only the best content makes it publicly available.

But truth be told, relying solely on our templates sometimes won’t be enough.

Here are some secrets to nailing the perfect animated video:

High-Quality Images Are The Key

A photo video is only as strong as the photos that it features, so you’ll want to be sure that your images are high-resolution. Make sure not to use blurry images, and try not to stray too far from the overall subject of the video.

Now, it might to you that high-quality images are a no-brainer, but believe it or not, most people get this part wrong.

Imagery will always improve the overall aesthetics of your video. These days, people have unbelievably short attention spans for ugly content.

We don’t blame them.

Use this to your advantage, and stay a cut above the rest with breathtaking video imagery.

Short, Sweet and to the Point

Speaking of sticking to the subject, you’ll want to keep your photo videos short enough to maintain the viewer’s attention.

A long, plodding video will just end up boring the people watching it.

Try to deliver your message in the shortest amount of time possible.

Keep things short, sweet and to the point.

So no filler content. Got it?


Maybe you’ll need to sacrifice on your runtime, but in the end, you will get better results.

Use High-Quality Music

Be sure not to overlook sound quality for image quality.

Use background music that’s related to the subject, whether its sweet love songs for a wedding video or serene classical music for a professional presentation.

Music is very important in videos, this is absolutely true for everyone, no matter the industry or topic at hand.

Use high-quality music in your videos to further enhance your content and captivate audience better.

Without music, your video will feel like it’s missing something.

Fortunately for you, MotionDen’s online video maker has a suite of commercially licensed music tracks you can use at any moment’s notice.

Sign up for free, and make your first video in just minutes!

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