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Have you ever thought about creating videos out of photos? If not, think about it now. What’s more likely to draw your attention: still or moving images? Moving images, that’s correct. People tend to notice moving objects faster. Moving objects also keep our attention on them longer. That’s why it’s always better to use a video made out of photos than just photos to advertise your business.

MotionDen devised a powerful tool that will help you create videos from photos in an instant.  With our photo video maker, you will be able to mash up memorable videos that will leave a strong impact on your audience.

Draw the attention of potential clients within minutes. Our photo video maker is so easy to use that you will be sharing your finished content faster than ever before. Forget about software that is overly complicated and that has a large learning curve. MotionDen gave you an easy, quick and reliable way to get the professional-looking end results. Hence, with our photo video maker, you can actually forget about the word software! Why? It is cloud-based. You can access all of its features within the convenience of your browser. That also means that there will be no unnecessary data that will make a mess on your hard drive.

Furthermore, no credit card information is required. We invite you to try the best photo video maker out there free of charge!

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Turn Your Photos and Videos Into Something Special

Using just photos or just videos to promote your business can be great. But, how about combining those two? The possibilities are almost endless with our photo video maker. Start creating your videos now and increase your conversion rates exponentially.

Incorporating imaginative videos into your webpage content will make it more skimmable as you will break those nasty blocks of text. Also, every viewer will appreciate more if the information is conveyed through such media.

On the other hand, if you want to create videos from photos for other reasons, you will surely enjoy the professional-looking end product.

Create Videos from Photos With Our Video Maker Software

MotionDen wanted to give you a platform that is reliable and above all, easy to use. Hence, you will find that our photo video maker requires no previous experience. You will be able to get to work immediately and have the end product within minutes. Just follow a few simple steps, unleash your imagination and before you know it, it will be ready for sharing.

Access MotionDen’s maker, choose a template that suits your needs, edit the text, add some music, and wait until it’s generated. That would be it!

Fully Customize Your Video - Make it Yours

As far as the customization is concerned, MotionDen understands that all of us have unique ideas as to what their content should look like in the end. That’s why our tool incorporates various valuable assets like changing color, adding music, choosing between a range of templates and more.

The Secrets to Creating Great Videos With Photos

Creating videos and photos with other software can be tricky. If you’re not skillful enough, you will probably get an end product that is dull and that doesn’t stand out from the competition. Therefore, MotionDen allowed you to coat your content in top-notch templates. World class designers worked for months in order to cherry-pick only the best ones. But relying solely on our templates sometimes won’t be enough.

Make sure that your pictures are of the same quality and size. It will improve the overall aesthetics of your video. Also, aim for diversity and save the best for the end.

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