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Elegant Real Estate Presentation

A real estate presentation that is inspired by infomercials. Provide an abundant amount of information to your clients with this template that uses strategic screen placement for prices and descriptions.

Calm House

Close more sales with this beautifully designed custom "calm" real estate video listing. With a combination of short but sweet listing details and a calming video mood, you cannot go wrong.

New Estate

Show off your stunning property with this beautifully designed real estate project, which features upbeat Jazz music. Perfect for short-term rentals, home & apartment sales, rentals and more! Creating your custom video listing is easy, simply upload your property photos and customize the text to suit your listing details.

Colorful Presentation

Create an amazing colorful world with Colorful Presentation. Your media will look lively as it turns like a caleidoscope with floating 3D shapes floating on the screen.

Smart Real Estate

Smart Real Estate is the perfect way to advertise your home, apartment or real estate property. Easily customize this video in just minutes using our online real estate video maker!

Bold Estate

leave a lasting impression with Bold Estate. This premium quality real estate promo video features strong call-to-actions and stunning video animations, ready to help you sell any property!


Edit Videos Online in Minutes, Not Hours With MotionDen

Browse our selection of studio-quality animated video templates

The first thing that you’re going to have to do is choose the template that you’re going to base your video on.

Unlike other video editors, MotionDen will provide you with a library of templates to choose from, and this will form the base of your video, simplifying the editing process.

Edit your desired video, change the colors, text, upload your photos, make it yours!

If you’re concerned about the uniqueness of your video due to the use of video templates, you’ll be happy to hear that you can customize the final product in a few different ways. For example, you can change the colors of the video, add customized music, change the text and even upload custom photos and videos.

We’ve got it all.

We’ll generate your video, that’s it.

Once you have made all your desired customizations, you can submit your video video, wait a few minutes, and violà, your completed video is done.

There really is no comparison between our video editing platform and that of enterprise / professional video editing solutions, which can take hours to generate a finished video animation.

Online Video Editor

It can be quite costly and time-consuming to create custom video designs at Aramark. MotionDen helps us churn out phenomenal animated videos quickly and effectively. A definite recommendation for anyone working with video!

Kevin Gheerts

Senior Editor, Aramark Inc.

Types of Videos You Can Make

When choosing the best online editing software, you’ll want to consider how versatile the video editor is.

An online video editor that can be used for a wide range of possible videos will provide you with more bang for your buck, and in that regard, MotionDen is a highly versatile piece of software.

See below for the range of possible videos you can make by editing MotionDen’s highly customizable video templates.

Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos are perfect for family gatherings and other similar events, as they will allow you to string together the most memorable moments that occur throughout them. These videos also have the benefit of being easy to produce.

Marketing Videos

You can also use MotionDen to power up your business’ marketing efforts. Marketing your company with high-impact videos without having to pay the exorbitant fees associated with professional video editing freelancers or agencies.

Video Ads

If you would like to take a more direct route with marketing, then you can also create ads for products or services you’re looking to promote in your business using MotionDen’s video maker.

Explainer Videos

Most often used by businesses and schools for education purposes, these videos will often try to explain a concept or an object to the audience in a simple way. Use explainer videos when you’re going to explain something that can be easily misunderstood of hard to understand.

Promotional Videos

If you are trying to get the word out about something, a promotional video will be your go-to tool because of its far-reaching nature. These types of videos are perfect for when:

  • Your business is having holiday promotions or sales.
  • You’re looking to raise awareness for a personal project or cause.
  • You want to boost your social media brand presence with exciting promo videos

Typography Videos

Create engaging videos using animated text that conveys your message in style!

While they sound simple and basic, these videos are among the most engaging and high-impact styles of video content you can produce. Perfect for when you’re looking to spread a message with viewers and you don’t have much time (these videos are quick to make!).

Infographic Videos

Infographic videos are among the most effective ways in which people can share information-filled content that is engaging and fun to watch!

Make a stunning infographic video in less time than it takes to write out a long, boring blog post with MotionDen, the world’s best video maker.

Corporate Videos

You can even use MotionDen to create corporate videos for your place of work. These videos are among the few types of videos which are used for both external and internal (in-house team communication) purposes.

Perfect for:

  • Training videos
  • Internal communication videos
  • B2B (business to business) lead generation
  • Talent recruitment videos
  • And more!

Mobile App Promo Videos

Beyond just ads for products and services, you can also use our video maker to create advertisements for your up-and-coming Snapchat killer mobile app.

Make an exciting promotional video that you can place on your app store listing and watch your app-installs flourish.

Video Presentations

Leave the powerpoint home for a day. If you want to give your next marketing, work or school presentation a little something extra, then a video presentation may help get your point across.

Video presentations are a fun, and exciting way to communicate messages with your co-workers, fanbase and even business leads.

Video Commercials

Similar to ads, create jaw-dropping commercials that drive results using our powerful business marketing templates. MotionDen makes it easy for everyone to create top-grade video commercials instantly.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is unquestionably the king of video. In a time where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay on top of the latest in video trends, MotionDen makes it easy to consistently release engaging and ever-green personalized YouTube videos for your subscribers.

Business Videos

From promotional videos, event advertisements, presentations, corporate or even social media videos. Our simple & free online video maker enables you to finally compete with big budget businesses.

Birthday Videos

Create personalized videos for birthdays, including those of family members, co-workers, employees and even yourself.

Not much of a gift, but more-so a gesture of appreciation, birthday videos make those who matter to us feel more special than ever. Share your birthday video message on social media to add the icing on the cake.


As you can see, there are plenty of videos you can make using this software, and there are even more that we have yet to mention.

Edit Your Video to Make It Your Own - Full Control

With MotionDen, the power is in your hands.

From changing the text, uploading custom photos and video clips, customizing the colors or even replacing the music with something a little more personal. We’ve got it all.

Compared to other template video editors, you have a wide range of potential customization options when using MotionDen.

Make Great Videos Without Breaking the Bank

Look like a million bucks’ with DIY personalized videos.

Pricing, among other things, is one of the main benefits of making custom animated videos online with MotionDen.

Because truth be told, we’re far more affordable than alternative video platforms. And we’re not afraid to say it. Great quality video should be accessible to everyone at reasonable prices, and we’ll always stand behind that statement.

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