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Relationships and love are a complex social dance that no one knows the steps to.  What works for some, doesn’t work for others.  No amount of said “I love you”s, dates, or other gestures can fully capture the experience of what it means to be in love and all that comes with it.

Sadly, love doesn’t come with a guidebook or any real set of guidelines to make it easier.  Whether things are good or bad, gestures still mean something, and every one of them counts.  Like any gesture, creativity and effort often speak volumes more than any amount of words can.

MotionDen has developed a Love Video Maker that makes it a simple task to put all of your emotions and experience into one video for you and your loved one to enjoy.  

With an abundance of tools and templates that are as easy as load and edit, it’s easy to put together a video that will connect with your loved one and let them know just how special they are to you.

  • It’s free to try! With no credit card number required to get started.
  • A flurry of options to customize your personal romantic love video in under ten minutes.
  • No downloads or any addons required, you can do it all from your browser.
  • You can make your first video without needing to read hours of instructions.

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Love Video Maker

Types of Love Videos You can Make

No two loves are the same. For this reason, MotionDen’s love video maker offers options for producing the video that is suited for your intentions.

For her

For that special woman in your life, anything less than the best is not enough.  Make a video that highlights just how much she means to you and the ways you have and intend to make each day further another experience to be remembered.  

For him

For your knight in shining armor, nothing says “I love you” quite like showing him your favorite moments you’ve shared together.  Give the gift of a well put together video that lets him play and replay your “I love you” after the best and worst of times as a reminder of your connection.

Romance & Love Slideshows

Not enough couples take the time to appreciate how far they’ve come.  Whether it’s been a short but wild ride, or just the beginning of a lifetime of better days, Romance & Love slideshows are filled with moments that you shared that pushed you further and further into the love that you share.

Valentine's Day Videos

Besides anniversaries and birthdays, Valentine's day is the biggest shared holiday and celebration of love that requires pulling out all the stops. A Valentine's Day video is an incredibly potent way to toast to your relationship and where it is going.

Romance & Love Video Cards

When you want to share your love but want to avoid the typical greeting card approach, Romance & Love video cards say what you want in an aesthetically appropriate way that your lover is sure to like.

Each of these types of videos has different templates and customization choices to make them unique.

A simple & special romantic gift

Even the smoothest lovers need a bit of help sometimes.  For the person that has everything, the lover that feels underappreciated, or someone that needs a little reminder, a Romance video can go a long way.  

It's more than just a gift; it's an opportunity to put something together that can be enjoyed again and again whenever it's needed.  

While pictures and regular videos help stimulate the memory by offering snapshots into a relationships history of adventure and emotion, a personalized video shares a more in-depth look at the journey itself.

Because social media is so prevalent, love videos are rapidly becoming the latest way to shout your affections from the rooftops to friends and family.  It's a way to let the world know the depth of your commitment and that your significant other is your everything.

Every day is a flurry of experiences, and it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle.  Beyond facebook likes and love reacts, beyond strings of snapchats, text messages and other smaller gestures, sharing a personally made video with your significant other can be the breath of fresh air that keeps them going on a hard day.  

While it seems trivial, it’s the simple things that often hit the heart the hardest.

Fully Customize Your Videos, Make them Unique & Personal

MotionDen’s romance and love video maker isn’t like other video makers. Whereas others have a handful of stock templates that were shoddily thrown together and only a few options for customizing, MotionDen’s is a cut above the rest.

It offers any and everything needed to make your video as unique as possible. Because we understand that every person is uniquely special, we made it a priority for the software to be able to personalize for any occasion.  

From uploading any photo you like to customizable text and transitions, it's the best for making sure your lover is left floored.

Make Great Love & Romance Videos Without Breaking the Bank

MotionDen's video maker has a template bank that balances being both strikingly beautiful and adaptable to whatever video is being made.  

The quality level is high while making it easy to afford. Not to mention, the range of projects it can handle is still as potent as its competitors.  It makes little sense to spend hundreds and up on a hard to use piece of software that takes up most of the space on your computer.

MotionDen’s love video templates have been made and tested by some of the best designers in the world, with a focus on being as flexible as needed.

Point blank, it’s the best way to get top-tier video value for a fraction of a fraction of the price of other comparable software.  

Save time, save money, and make the video that your loved one deserves, and make them fall in love all over again in the process.

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