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174+ intro templates to choose from

From standard YouTube intros, flashy scroll-stopping intros, gaming intros, or traditional business-friendly intro videos.. We've got it all.

How to make an intro in a jiffy

Choose your favorite intro template

Choose from a variety of ready-made intro templates

No matter what content you need an intro for, we have something for everyone.

Customize your intro using our simple editor

Make it yours. Change the colors, fonts, music, everything.

With our intro maker, the world is your oyster.

Share or download your intro

Once you finish customizing your intro, we'll instantly start generating it.

Share it on social media, place it on your newest YouTube videos, or simply download it for later.

The free intro maker for everyone

Let's be real for a minute.

There's never been an easier way to create a fully customized animations or intros.

With Motionden, you'll be able to easily change videos, photos, music and even colors.

Promote your stunning work by posting your video on YouTube using our app.

Our intro maker is devised to create memorable intros that will help you gather a fanbase. Every intro created with Motionden should leave a memorable impact on your viewers.

So why should you go with Motionden’s video intro maker?

First off, remember how many times you’ve downloaded multiple video editing software solutions that just take up too much space on your hard drive. We can bet that most of them you’ve probably used once, only to be disappointed. They were either too complicated and nonsensical or just unable to deliver and meet your needs.

We can’t relate. Motionden is a cloud-based intro maker.

Secondly, most intro maker software is expensive. Why would you pay an insane amount of money just so that you can spend days creating an intro when you can do it within minutes using Motionden?


Everything you need to create breathtaking intro videos

Powerful features that make editing your intro videos easy. We have everything you could ask for, and more.

Simple, powerful customization options

High-quality video creation doesn't have to be difficult, so we're rewriting the rules.

Our video maker delivers simple features that don't compromise. Full control has never been so easy.

Automatic, instant delivery

We automatically begin generating your video for you as soon as you're done applying changes.

In seconds, you'll have a fully-personalized video.

Millions of 100% free stock assets

Choose from millions of professional photos, videos and music built directly into our editor, or upload your own.

No need to look anywhere else to make your video a masterpiece.

Let's face it. Nothing beats amazing community

We're always listening to our community, releasing new features & improvements to stay ahead of the curve.

Our world class community forum & support team is available 24/7, because we're better together.

A new and easy way to create video intros

With Motionden's free video intro maker, you can now create beautiful animated intros from ready-made templates.

With our large collection of professionally designed templates you can create great intro videos for any purpose, from gaming intros, fitness intros, corporate business intros and more!

Do you want more views?

If you’re struggling to get more views on your videos, the answer might just lie in this free intro maker!

According to ShoutMeLoud, adding an Intro to your videos is one of the many proven ways to get more views and subscribers so you should never ignore your video intro.

A great intro can hook viewers and help keep them watching until the last second.

Is this important to you?

If you answered yes to that. then we're the answer you've been looking for.

See, video intros aren’t there to be skipped. They exist to draw a viewers’ attention and leave them wanting more. Intros are the biggest branding opportunity within your video content. That being said, if you’re serious about your business, you need your intro to be catchy, professionally-made and impactful.

Our intro maker was carefully developed with all of that in mind. We wanted to make it easy for you to create high-quality intros that suit the tone of your brand content.

Use Motionden’s video intro maker to transform regular video content into stunning & engaging videos!

Making an intro: some quick tips

First impressions are everything, make yours count

They truly are.

Remember how many times you’ve rejected a product just because the packaging wasn’t impressive? You should look at intros the same way.

Your video intro needs to be memorable, easy to read, and should follow the theme set-forth by our brand.

See, an intro is something what allows you to make your first impression.

If viewers skip your intro, they will probably skip the rest of the video. You’ve failed to create a hook. Now, before you proceed to make one with our optimized intro creator, just remember, the only intros you skip, are the ones not worth while.

Short, sweet and to the point

Convey your message in the shortest amount of time, because no one likes drawn-out intros. Truth be told, they’ll bore your audience to death.

With an intro, the last thing you want to create is impatience. You need to tease the audience just enough so that they can sit through it and then gently transition into the video. A good intro should leave a ‘wow’ effect on the viewer. It should be short, to the point and should tease the viewer just enough to make him want to see the rest of the video. Our intro maker will give you a wide variety of tools that will help you achieve this in an instant.

Intro branding always matters

These days, everything needs to be branded. A brand is the personal signature of your product. It’s something that makes you recognizable.

Your intros are a part of your brand, and you must look at them that way. That means that your intros should incorporate logo reveals that will leave your audience in awe, all whilst helping you become memorable in their eyes. A logo reveal should be the climax of every good intro.

Engage your viewers with an amazing customized video intro.

First impressions matter, right?

We think so too, which is why we've worked so hard for you to have the best animated video intro you can possibly have.

Imagine for a moment being able to create an intro for your videos all online.

No complicated software.

No downloads.

No headaches.

Motionden’s simple intro maker makes that possible.

See, video intros aren’t there to be skipped.

They exist to draw the viewers’ attention and leave them wanting more. A good beginning of a video also serves as an advertising stamp, a signature that will make your content recognizable and unified. It should summarize all your ideas and show them in the best possible manner. It needs to be catchy, professional looking, and to leave a certain impact on the viewer.

Our intro maker was carefully devised with all of that in mind. We wanted to ease up the process for you and help you create a high-quality intro that suits the tone of your videos. Above all, our intro creator is there to give you mesmerizing results that you will be able to achieve in an instant and have fun while doing so.

Whether you're looking for a professional video introduction for work or a simple animated intro, Motionden's video maker app has a vast video template library for every project type.

No software - create stunning intros online using our simple intro maker

Simply choose a template from our collection of beautifully designed intro templates to start customizing it entirely online, no software required.

Making a fully customized intro has never been easier with Motionden..

Wouldn't you agree that we'd all like to have the ability to create the highest quality video intros quickly?

There's plenty of video editing software available, but they're all far too complicated to pick up quickly, not to mention they usually come with at a high cost. Ideally, you wouldn't have to break the bank trying to get an intro for your videos.

We understand.

That's why we've made it possible for you to save money while getting a beautiful intro video prepared for you with Motionden's intro maker!

Making your custom video with Motionden is free. You'll be able to produce a watermarked intro in just minutes without even providing any payment information.

Majority of our video intros are just a few dollars to have our Motionden watermark removed.


Why choose Motionden

Data & analytics dashboard

Data-driven decision making

Our creative process follows an 87-step design & marketing process that has delivered results for millions.

Partner with Motionden, because we know what it takes when it comes to marketing & design.


Easily scale your video marketing efforts

Accelerate sales, marketing, promotional campaigns and more. Personalized videos generated in seconds.


Templates for every major platform

Our templates come in desktop & mobile friendly variations, perfect for any platform.

Need social media videos? TV-ready ads? You name it, we've got it.


Look like a professional with Motionden’s intro maker

Don’t let the low price of our service scare you off. In spite of it, you will get professional looking intros. No question about it.

We wanted to show the world that high-quality services can be affordable and accessible to anyone. With the help of our intro maker, your content will have the same high-quality as the content created by other major brands. In addition to that, we allow you to try out our product for free and see its true potential. No credit card required.

Our intro maker is a reliable platform that will give you the content you deserve.

Say goodbye to all the unnecessary hard drive space taken up on your computer.

Say goodbye to overpriced custom services, and farewell to hours of thinking about how to create a proper intro to your videos.

With our intro maker, you will be able to create amazing content from the convenience of your web browser. No lag and no unnecessary tools. Only a simple interface with many useful features that will save you time.

Join millions who benefit from using the world's best free online video maker.