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These days, it’s hard to ignore Instagram.

In the short amount of time it's been around, Instagram has changed the way we use social media.

And in a time where video is becoming the king of content, use MotionDen’s Instagram video maker to instantly create engaging Instagram videos with ease!

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Simple and easy to edit. If you need to keep your video short, Ink provides large fonts and quick transitions.

Slide N Push

Edgy & short photo slideshow opener perfect for your TV openers, YouTube channels, family events, business videos and more. Editing this slideshow is easy, simply replace the photos using our online slideshow maker app and we'll handle the rest.

Music Event

Music event invites your ideas to a rave! Give your videos some DJ like graphics and capture your audience with strobe like flashes in your text.

Minimalist Type

Perfect for teasers, commercials, corporate videos, or any kind of messages, Minimalist Type is perfect if you need to explain something in a very cool, modern and dynamic way.

Lovely Slides

Let your customers flly through your catalogue or menu with this video. Every slide presents a picture and text, allowing you to highlight every product individually. The energetic music and the subtle movement of the images make the video engaging. The experience of looking at your products and choosing has just become better with video!

Energetic Style

Energetic Style Opener is an awesome video template with a strong and edgy design, dynamic text animations and stylish transitioning effects. It's extremely easy to use and edit and works well for all types of video goals.


A New & Simple Way to Create Videos for Instagram

Browse our selection of studio-quality Instagram video templates

We have a range of templates that you can use for a variety of video types, all of which are vetted by experts to ensure that they are relevant for social media use.

Customize your desired video, change the colors, text, upload your photos

Now comes the time to make the template your own, by adding your own text, video, images, music, and even changing the colors of the clip.

We’ll generate your video, that’s it

When everything is in order, you can review your Instagram video before you create it. Once you do, the program will take a few minutes, and then you'll have your clip ready.

Instagram Video Maker

Just like every other business, social media is a huge platform for us to connect with our audience. Every Instagram video we create for Ritual using MotionDen's Instagram video maker turns out brilliant and delivers great engagement. This is a must-try for anyone using social media today.

Calvin King

Marketing Lead, Ritual Inc.

Types of Instagram Videos You Can Make

Vertical videos

MotionDen works well with vertical video clips, such as those that have been recorded on a smartphone. Fun fact, these types of clips are common on Instagram.

Marketing videos

Believe it or not, Instagram is an excellent place to make serious income when used correctly. Have a paid promotion you’d like to make a video for? You can use MotionDen to improve the production quality, thus helping you skyrocket your campaign results.

Video Ads

Video ads are one of many forms of marketing videos, however, they tend to be more direct and social on these types of social platforms. Instead of having someone on Instagram market the product via an influencer campaign, you can create social media video ads and have them promoted as regular posts.

Explainer videos

These types of Instagram videos play well with products of services that can be difficult to explain. Unfortunately, this is often the case. But fortunately for you, there’s an awesome explainer video maker platform at your fingertips.’

See, attention spans are dropping drastically by the day. Grip the attention of your potential customers with engaging and fun animated explainer videos.

Business videos

Does your business have an Instagram account?

If it doesn’t, it should.

MotionDen can help you make high-quality Instagram video posts that will unquestionably make your business look professional as ever. Truth be told, there’s nothing more impressive than a business with a well-maintained & engaging social media feed.

Slideshow videos

It’s hard to go a day without running into a slideshow video shared on social media. Whether for commercial use or for family & friends, slideshow videos can help you showcase a collection of photos and videos all within an animated movie.

Tip: You can even go over your old Instagram photos and compile them into a short clip of memories to share once again.

Birthday videos

You can also use our Instagram video maker to create special birthday video posts for people that are close to you. Co-workers, loved ones, or even for yourself.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos can help you get the word out to your followers about certain promotions or deals that are available, such as Black Friday sales and more.

Typography videos

Typography videos give you an excellent opportunity to get your point across using animated text on videos. Bold, engaging, and animated text typically make up the majority of these types of videos, making them a great option for those who are camera-shy or simply don’t have the time to generate personalized video content, which may require images, videos or voice-overs.

Infographic videos

Infographic videos can help you spread information about any topic you’re looking to discuss, all while providing data, studies, and facts to back your claims. This type of video is often perfect when you’re looking to present an idea which can often be miss-characterized or controversial. Enlighten your followers with high-quality infographic videos that may change their views on topics you choose to embrace.

Corporate videos

Our Instagram video maker can also be used to produce corporate videos, giving B2B leads or social media followers some insight as to what goes on in your company and what employees love about it.

Mobile app promo videos

Being a mobile-first platform, Instagram is also an excellent place to advertise mobile apps. If you’re looking to create a promotional video for an app of yours, you can use MotionDen to bring in potential users using our engaging promo video templates. Fully customizable to suit even the strangest of apps!

Video presentations

Have a presentation you’d like to share with the world? Share it on Instagram as well by using our video presentation maker.

See, presentations don’t have to be boring, static powerpoints. Make them fun, engaging and social media friendly with MotionDen’s video maker!

Video commercials

You may want to promote a product or service through Instagram, and a video commercial is one of the best ways to do so. Here’s the thing. Video advertising will never go out of style, and video commercials help you place your best foot forward by showcasing your business strong-points via engaging video snippets!

Your Instagram Video, Your Look

Everyone is unique and should have the ability to express themselves in their own way. That being said, the ability to customize your Instagram videos is crucial, even for us.

MotionDen gives you a wide range of controls to make your Instagram videos your own.

Change the colors on your video, add clips, custom images, music, text and more!

With our personalized video maker platform, the power is yours.

Make Great Videos for Instagram Without Breaking the Bank

MotionDen only publishes expert-vetted templates to ensure that only the highest-quality animated Instagram video templates make it to our public collection of templates.

In other words, our team of professional marketers and animation pros’ work diligently to ensure that our weekly batches of quality templates are always top-grade.

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it?

Luckily for you, it isn't.

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