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Instagram is one of the big three social media networks, along with Facebook and Twitter, and it is entirely based around photos and videos. As you would expect on a social network like Instagram, the production quality of what you post will determine how well it is received, and this is certainly true for videos.

MotionDen is an Instagram video maker that promises to be easier to use, more affordable, and more approachable for beginners than competing video editing programs. If you’re looking to create a video for Instagram, this online video editor will provide you with all of the tools that you need.

For example, beginners need not worry about their skill level while using MotionDen, as it uses a template-based technique to create unique videos. While you will be working with a template, you’ll still be able to adjust everything to your liking through a range of customization options.

Another advantage to using MotionDen is that you can start using it for free (without entering your credit card info), and then you can decide what features you want to pay for. There are two versions of the program available to paid users: Lite, and Standard, and they have a few key differences.

MotionDen also works far quicker than most other video editing programs, and you can realistically be done using the Instagram video creator within five minutes of starting. It is up to you to choose how much or how little detail you want to add to your Instagram video.

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Instagram Video Maker

"Just like every other business, social media is a huge platform for us to connect with our audience. Every Instagram video we create for Ritual using MotionDen's Instagram video maker turns out brilliant and delivers great engagement. This is a must-try for anyone using social media today."

Calvin King

Marketing Lead, Ritual Inc.

A New & Simple Way to Create Videos for Instagram

People often wonder how to make Instagram videos, but MotionDen does the work for you. Using our Instagram video maker to create the clips that you’re going to upload is a straightforward process that involves three steps: choosing a template, customizing it, and generating the video.

Browse our selection of studio-quality Instagram video templates

We have a range of templates that you can use for a variety of video types, all of which are vetted by experts to ensure that they are relevant for social media use.

Customize your desired video, change the colors, text, upload your photos

Now comes the time to make the template your own, by adding your own text, video, images, music, and even changing the colors of the clip.

We’ll generate your video, that’s it

When everything is in order, you can review your Instagram video before you create it. Once you do, the program will take a few minutes, and then you'll have your clip ready.

Types of Instagram Videos You Can Make

Vertical videos

MotionDen works well with vertical video clips, such as those that have been recorded on a smartphone and these types of clips are very common on Instagram.

Marketing videos

Instagram is also an excellent place to make some money, and if you are making a paid promotion, then you can use MotionDen to improve the production quality.

Video Ads

Video ads are similar to marketing videos, but they tend to be more direct. Instead of having someone on Instagram market the product, it is simply an ad between posts.

Explainer videos

If your Instagram is based on science or education, then you can also use our Instagram video maker to create explanation videos.

Business videos

On the other hand, your business may have an Instagram account, and MotionDen can help you make high-quality clips that will make your business look more professional.

Slideshow videos

Slideshow videos can showcase your evolution over the years, or you can even go over your old Instagram photos and compile them into a short clip of memories.

Birthday videos

You can also use our Instagram video maker to create special birthday video posts for people that are close to you or even yourself.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos can help you get the word out to your followers about certain promotions or deals that are available, such as Black Friday sales and more.

Typography videos

Typography videos give you an excellent opportunity to get your point across, and they are characterized by bold, successive writing making up the majority of the content.

Infographic videos

Infographic videos can help you spread information about a certain phenomenon, and they can either be personal or business-motivated. Enlighten your followers with some high-quality infographic videos that may change their views.

Corporate videos

Our Instagram video maker can also be used to produce corporate videos, giving followers some insight as to what goes on in your company and what workers love about it.

Mobile app promo videos

Instagram is also an excellent place to advertise mobile apps, and if you’re looking to create a promotion for an app of yours, you can use MotionDen to bring in potential users.

Video presentations

If you have a presentation to make on your Instagram, our Instagram video maker will help you create an impressive intro that will hold the viewer’s attention.

Video commercials

Finally, you may also want to promote a product or service of your own through Instagram using your personal account, and a video commercial is one of the best ways to do so.

Your Instagram Video, Your Look

Since everyone’s unique, the ability to customize your Instagram videos is crucial, and MotionDen gives you a wide range of controls to make your video your own. For example, you can change the color of your video, add clips, images, and music, and you can even insert custom text.

Make Great Videos for Instagram Without Breaking the Bank

MotionDen uses expertly-vetted templates to ensure that the result is a high-quality video clip that will make your Instagram look good. Using this program will also save you a good deal of money, as you won't need to hire professionals or use expensive and bulky video editing programs.

Video solutions by category

Looking for more? We have a vast catalogue of customizable video designs to choose from.