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Infographic videos are growing more and more prevalent as simple and easy ways to share information using video.

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Infographic Video Maker

MotionDen makes me look like an expert infographic maker, they have become an essential part of our digital marketing tool-kit at Accenture. Our infographic videos are now engaging, attractive, and fun.

Travis Graham

Marketing Coordinator, Accenture

Reasons to Make a Video Infographic

There are quite a few reasons to make a video infographic instead of a static image infographic.

They’re captivating

One of the main reasons you would want to create an infographic video is because it’ll draw the viewer’s attention far more than a comparable infographic diagram.

They’re beautiful

Data can be beautiful, and something made with our infographic generator can be akin to a work of art, especially if you make use of more stylized templates.

They’re fact-based

Infographics exist to teach people, and to do that; they need to present facts. This means that an infographic video is one of the easiest ways to help inform people.

They’re enjoyable

An infographic diagram will often look boring, but if you implement it into a video, then people will be willing to watch it because it will be more exciting.

They’re easy to share

Videos can also be easily shared between acquaintances and co-workers, ensuring that more people are likely to see your infographic, especially if you share it online.

They’re short and to the point

Infographic videos will also be less likely to lose the attention of the viewer, as they will be quick enough to retain them and they will get to the point without meandering about.

As you can see, video infographics offer a range of benefits when compared to the alternatives.

Your Infographic Video, Your Look

When you make an infographic, you choose your template and then you’re free to customize it to your liking.

There are a few parameters that you can adjust, including the color of the template, the music that is playing, the text displayed and even the images and videos that are shown!

The power of customization is yours.

Types of Infographic Videos You Can Make

You’ll find that our infographic maker is also highly versatile, as you can use it to create a wide variety of different types of clips.

Statistical infographic videos

One of the most common types of infographic videos will present stats to the viewer and make them easier to comprehend through graphs or other visuals.

Informational infographic videos

Infographic videos which are centered around providing information will often seek to expand the knowledge of their viewers.

Timeline infographic videos

Timeline videos will help the viewers understand a sequence of events, providing them with some context and the order in which they occurred. An example of a timeline infographic video would be one that shows the evolution of a company or a business over the years.

Process infographic videos

Infographic videos that are centered around a process will typically teach the viewer more about how a product is made or designed.

Geographic infographic videos

As you would expect from the name, geographic infographic videos will teach you about a country or region.

Comparison infographic videos

Comparison infographic videos will often take two things and contrast them. These are some of the most challenging infographics to create, as they will need twice as much research to be undertaken when compared to typical videos.

Hierarchical infographic videos

One of these infographic videos will be centered around a hierarchy, which displays the power relationships between people in high positions. An example of a hierarchical infographic video would be one that shows each employee’s position relative to each other within the company.

List infographic videos

Infographic videos of this type will typically present a few different things. You’ve probably seen a list infographic before, as you’ll usually find them in the form of a top ten list or a checklist.

Resume infographic videos

Resume infographic videos are usually made for individuals, and they provide you with a convenient and impressive way to present your resume when applying for a job.


Beyond what we’ve mentioned, there are countless other types of infographics that you can create, depending on the field that you work in.

Make Great Infographic Videos Without Breaking the Bank

Our infographic templates are constantly reviewed by in-house marketing & design pros’ to ensure a high standard of quality, always.

When compared to professional video making programs, the MotionDen infographic builder is far more affordable, costing up to ten times less than a professional team or a comparable piece of software.

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