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Another year, another birthday passes, bringing a rush of new experiences, laughs, and many surprises. It’s a time for both reflection and celebration. A chance to make the most of the memories made, and the new ones that have yet to be enjoyed.

MotionDen is a birthday slideshow maker that helps you create memorable and special birthday slideshows. Because nothing matters more than being able to create a special video for those that matter to you most, all without having to spend hours trying to make it happen.

Choose your favorite birthday slideshow from professionally-made templates, personalize it using our free online video editor, and watch us generate your video in minutes.

Clear Moments

Clear Moments is a modern and universal video design with elegant text animations, glowing particles, soft light leaks and creative transitioning effects.


Inspiration photo slideshow is a stylish and artistic video slideshow with a visually appealing design, smooth text animations, soft light leaks and elegantly animated brush stroke transitioning effects. Create your next luxurious and vintage looking slideshow with this fantastic slideshow video!


Summertime offers beating soft lighting during transitions. Your text collects over parts of the screen allowing different perspective. This template is perfect to reminisce over wonderful memories.


Inspired, a lovely parallax photo slideshow containing flowing particles, beautiful light leaks, and smooth transitions. Add your photos and text to effortlessly make this beautiful slideshow yours.

Clean and Simple

Clean and simple is a perfect template for creating a quick video for any occasion.


Birthday Slideshow Maker

I stumbled upon MotionDen one day when I was looking for a fresh new way to create birthday videos. As someone who doesn't have much experience with video editing, I can honestly say that this simple video maker is one of the best finds I've ever made.

Ashley Martelle

Teacher, Groupment

Birthday slideshow videos are the perfect last minute birthday acknowledgment & gift!

With each passing day, it becomes harder and harder to stay connected with those we love. We miss crucial moments such as graduations, holidays and various other moments that we might hold close.

Doing things for those we care about as well as ourselves sometimes feels impossible. Whether it’s due to work, health, or anything else life might throw at us, sometimes we’re just too caught up in our own world.

If you’re short on time, you’re in luck. A birthday slideshow is a perfect way to instantly create long-lasting memories in just minutes.

Not so much a gift, but more-so an acknowledgment of how important someone is to you. Think of a birthday slideshow as a way to celebrate the gift of life through the web. While it's important to take time to appreciate our loved ones, it's rarely easy.

We understand that. Which is why we’ve created an easy-to-use birthday slideshow maker. So that even the most amateur hobbyist can create special moments that they can share with their friends, family or loved ones.

Across social media, birthday slideshows are becoming more and more common. They show more effort than just a post on a Facebook wall or a quick text message. They demonstrate a willingness to invest time and energy into doing something special for someone, even if it is just digital.

When things are as hectic in our day-to-day lives as they currently might be, the right birthday video can make more of an impact that you might expect. It conveys above all; that they are worth your time and effort.

Make Personalized birthday slideshow videos to suit any occasion

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you got a gift that no effort went into picking.

Anyone can slap a few videos & images together and call it a slideshow.  Some even go as far as to use powerpoint and a combination of a few other screen-capturing tools to try and make birthday slideshows work. Without a doubt, the end result always ends up choppy, bulky, and just outright ugly.

To make matters worse, an ugly birthday slideshow video will always feel like getting a last-minute Hallmark card picked up at a supermarket.

See what we mean?

Other video makers simply don't offer the range of customization options that MotionDen's video maker does. Our video maker lets you have total control over your birthday video, from the colors, music, images, video clips and even text you choose to show.

But it gets better.

See, on top of powerful customization options, we pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality animated birthday video templates. But we’ll talk to you more about that later.

Let a birthday slideshow tell the story for you

Birthdays are fun for some, and tough for others. They highlight more than just the day itself; because they also bring to mind everything that has happened through the year too.

The best memories and the toughest ones always sit beside each other. It's important to appreciate the good times shared with others as well as the essential moments that got you to where you are today.

You can customize each birthday slideshow to highlight either the struggles someone overcame, the achievements someone accomplished through the year, or even just the moments you shared with that person exclusively.

Every story needs to be told, and MotionDen makes it easier than ever to create special moments with special people through personalized birthday video creation.

Make Birthday Slideshow Videos Without Breaking the Bank

If you've ever tried your hand at video editing, we’re sure you’ll agree when we say that making custom animated videos is easier said than done.

With most high-end software, headaches are inevitable.

While customization features are there, so are the unreal costs, hardware requirements, and hours and hours of studying & preparation required. The learning curve is steep, and the fees are often steeper.

If you’re not a professional video editor or animator, it doesn’t make sense to drop thousands of dollars on a piece of software that is more complicated than it needs to be.

That said, it doesn't mean that you need to settle for something lackluster.

These days, it's possible to make beautifully crafted videos quickly without requiring you to take master courses in video editing. Not only that, but you can also pull it off without having to break the bank.

MotionDen makes that possible.

No Shortcuts - Our Birthday Slideshow Templates are The Gold Standard in Video Creation

MotionDen birthday slideshow templates have been developed and heavily vetted by world-class designers to ensure that only the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing video templates are available to our users.

Each is better than the last, with as many customization options as you’ll ever need to find the perfect fit for your friends and loved ones, no matter how unique they are.

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