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A new & simple way to make Facebook videos

They say content is king, and in a time where social media reigns supreme, never has that been more accurate for video content on Facebook.

It is estimated that video now comprises of almost 82% of traffic on the internet, needless to say, if you’re not already publishing video on your social media pages, you’re falling behind.

Motionden is the world’s simplest Facebook video maker. Allowing you to easily and quickly make personalized animated Facebook videos for your business or personal Facebook page.


173+ video templates to choose from

Choose from hundreds of award winning video templates, ready for instant customization. Desktop & mobile friendly templates available.

How to make a video in a snap

Choose your favorite video template

Choose from hundreds of professionally-made video templates.

Customize your video using our simple editor

Give your video the exact look you want. Upload your photos and videos, change the text, music and more. No video or design experience required.

Download your video in any format & share

Customized videos are delivered instantly. Within seconds you’ll have a breathtaking video you can share with the world.

Reach more people with engaging Facebook videos

The effectiveness of marketing campaigns is predicated upon two variables: it's reach and its engagement.

Thousands of business promo videos are being posted on social media sites daily, almost all of which are essentially becoming billboards ignored by even the most enthusiastic users, all because there is nothing about those videos that separates them from the rest.

The hardest thing for a video to accomplish is to resonate with an audience and invite them to spread the word or take action. Our Facebook video maker significantly improves the odds of any business to make an impact by delivering their message with a refined, polished animated video that places them in the absolute best position to provoke conversation and stir positive engagement from any target audience, no matter the market or niche.

Types of Facebook videos you can make

As they often say, a Jack of all trades is master of none.

Instead of worrying about the challenges that come with making videos for your Facebook page, Let Motionden handle complex video creation for you, so you can focus on what matters most for you.

Our Facebook video maker helps you become a "Jack of all" without losing control of your business.

Create a wealth of different videos that allow your product, idea or businesses dominate with unquestionable authority.

Video ads

Video ads are without question, the most important type of video content anyone who’s looking to make money online could ever produce.

With Motionden video advertisement templates, you’re able to produce studio-quality & marketer-approved animated videos designed to convert even the most stubborn leads. With the right video advertisement, turning cold leads into raving customers is easier than you might think.

Explainer videos

In layman’s terms, explainer videos are just animated videos made for the purpose of trying to explain something in a fun, yet engaging way.

Often made using friendly cartoon animations and a professionally made voice-over, explainer videos are perfect if you have something that requires deeper explaining or convincing. Perfect for landing pages and website videos.

Promo videos

These days, increasing your brand’s exposure is do or die. There’s no question about it.

Assuring that you don’t end up lost in the sea of clutter that is common for bad videos, you need to ensure that only the best quality content is published on Facebook for your brand. With Motionden, you can produce high-impact promotional videos that give you a voice louder than anyone in your market.

Typography videos

While animated video itself is a step in the right direction, simply placing text on a video is never compelling on its own. Often known as “Kinetic Typography”, typography videos add seasoning to your plain, unseasoned videos and makes them engaging.

Typography videos often come with bouncy, fun animations that make the text seem engaging and fun for viewers, retaining them for prolonged periods of time. Kinetic Typography videos are great for short, fun messages.

Social media videos

Just because you’re looking to make Facebook videos doesn't mean we should ignore other social media platforms. In fact, quite the opposite.

With Motionden's video maker software, your produced Facebook videos can be spread out over all over social media, giving you the benefit of multi-platform reach with your newly-made video content. Take your newly made Facebook video and upload it to Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter and even Instagram!

Infographic videos

Known for their authoritative style, infographic videos present ideas that are backed by studies and proven data.

This type of video is perfect for anyone who needs to deliver a message that can be controversial since it kills any doubts people might have by delivering the message with proven facts.

Create engaging and beautifully designed infographic videos using our selection of pre-made studio quality animated templates.

Corporate videos

Corporate video production is among the highest-ticket video content anyone could produce.

Used mostly for B2B lead generation, in-house employee training videos or just meeting presentations, corporate videos are known for their to-the-point approach.

Mobile app promos

Did you develop the next ‘Snapchat killer’? Create stunning mobile app promotional videos for your new mobile app and present them throughout your business social media Facebook page to better expose your mobile app to the world.

Video presentations

Video presentations are an essential part of any growing business that has a message they need to share.

Utilizing a Facebook photo video maker helps you crunch your media together so that you can use it to better present your product or idea in a more digestible and spoon-fed way.

YouTube videos

Similar to spreading your videos to alternative social media sites, your marketing reach does not have to end there. Motionden’s Facebook video maker not only provides a practical video maker solution for Facebook, but also YouTube and other social media sites alike.

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine?

Video commercials

Video commercials (also known as video advertisements) are amongst the most powerful ways to grow any business on social media.

Making commercial video advertisements for Facebook is nothing new. See, 84% of businesses using Facebook already advertise on the platform with engaging & native commercial videos. Motionden can help you get there.


Connecting with the world through animated video, when executed correctly, is something that can dramatically improve the growth of your business.

Your competition is taking advantage of this fact, why shouldn’t you?

Video on Facebook is an ever-evolving animal that requires the right toolkit to tame. Motionden’s video maker helps you stay ahead of the herd with a consistent stream of animated Facebook video templates suitable for everyone, no matter the type of content you’re looking to deliver. We’ve got it all.

Personalized Facebook videos as unique as you are

Even the most valuable content imaginable can only go as far as its presentation, and this is where Motionden’s Facebook video maker shines.

With powerful customization at your fingertips, you’re able to make even the smallest of changes to any of your desired pre-made animated Facebook video templates.

Change the music, add your own custom text, modify the colors and more. The possibilities are endless. There’s nothing more important to us than to give you the power and freedom to create videos just as unique as you are.

With our Facebook video maker in your back pocket, the transition between brainstorming new video ideas to executing them with timely precision is as seamless as possible.

Make high-impact Facebook videos without a big business budget

With Motionden, Facebook video creation is now possible for even the smallest of businesses who would like to finally compete with big-budget social media giants.

See, at our core, we believe that animated video should be accessible for everyone. For this to happen, we needed to combine creativity and ingenuity with animated video.

On top of it all, we needed to ensure that our Facebook video maker remains free for everyone, keeping only premium features for those who would like to go the extra mile with video for their business.

High-quality facebook video creator

Our professionally designed Facebook video templates are vetted by professional in-house marketers and designers daily, this is done to ensure that only the highest quality social media animated video templates are made available to our users.

It was often believed that only big corporate business could afford to make high-quality Facebook videos. With Motionden, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s no longer required that you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a custom animated business video for Facebook.

Motionden allows marketers and businesses to achieve their goals at just a fraction of the cost of enterprise animation studios or expensive motion designers, while still staying on top of industry design standards.

Additionally, by cutting out the middleman, not only is an enormous price tag avoided, but so too is the long and nerve-wracking wait-time that follows after you place an order for a custom animated video with a motion designer, which may not even look like what you hoped for, to begin with.

As the landscape of social media publishing heavily shifts from print & image posts to the greener pastures of engaging animated video, It’s more important than ever that businesses make the shift and take advantage of the benefits that come from adding video to their social media toolkit.

Motionden’s Facebook video maker is a user-friendly, streamlined video maker app that bridges imagination with ambition to drive you and your business’ video goals forward.


Everything you need to create jaw-dropping videos

Powerful features that make editing your videos easy. We have everything you could ask for, and more.

Simple, powerful customization options

High-quality video creation doesn't have to be difficult, so we're rewriting the rules.

Our video maker delivers simple features that don't compromise. Full control has never been so easy.

Automatic, instant delivery

We automatically begin generating your video for you as soon as you're done applying changes.

In seconds, you'll have a fully-personalized video.

Millions of 100% free stock assets

Choose from millions of professional photos, videos and music built directly into our editor, or upload your own.

No need to look anywhere else to make your video a masterpiece.

Let's face it. Nothing beats amazing community

We're always listening to our community, releasing new features & improvements to stay ahead of the curve.

Our world class community forum & support team is available 24/7, because we're better together.


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