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A better way to handle corporate video production

Truth be told, handling corporate video production can be one of the best, but most challenging responsibilities a business has to shoulder.

Bosses need all the help they can get. And corporate videos, while sometimes challenging, can still help ensure that everything runs smoothly, since they provide scalable & consistent returns, no matter what your business goals might be.

When everything is streamlined and running well, you can sit back and relax, but getting to that point is the hardest part. Motionden’s corporate video maker helps you get there.

Our corporate video maker is one of the best solutions for creating videos for your business, with our simple to use video maker, you can edit our video templates and create fully customized animated corporate videos in minutes, even if you have no prior experience with video editing.

Types of corporate videos you can make

Using Motionden’s corporate film production software, you’ll be able to make a wide variety of videos, ranging from high-impact B2B lead generation videos to in-house employee training videos. The possibilities are endless.

Company profile

One of the most common types of corporate videos are company profiles. This is similar to the “about us” section that you’ll find on a business’ website, and it’ll give you all of the required information about a company’s history and how they operate.

Promotional videos

Similar to standard video ads, promotional videos are an excellent way to spread the word about your company. You can let people know about what your employees love at your company, or you can get employees themselves to speak to the camera.

Industrial videos

An industrial film is one which is more functional than stylish, and it can range from a set of customer educational videos to a presentation for in-house employees. These videos usually have a pre-defined role, and they aren’t made for entertainment purposes.

Internal communication videos

Internal communication videos are only meant to be seen by employees, and they often convey an important message to them. These can range from public service announcements to messages detailing a change in the hierarchy or the way things run. Internal communication videos usually don't have too many frills, and they're usually straightforward.

Recruitment videos

Corporate video production can also be used to create recruiting videos, which will provide potential employees with all of the information they'll need to know about your business. A recruitment video will usually increase the influx of new applications because it will spread the word that your company is looking for new blood.

How-to & training videos

If you’ve ever worked at a moderately large company, then it is likely that you have seen a series of training videos before. These make for an efficient way to train large numbers of employees in how things work at your company, and they are far easier to understand than other potential training materials. Save the costs that come with having someone to constantly train and re-train employees by creating a number of educational videos on company processes that won’t often change.

Video testimonials

A testimonial video is made to be shared with the general public, and its goal will be to show your leads a number of people that are satisfied with your company's products or services. It is likely that you have seen testimonial videos in commercials or infomercials. These clips are a great way to build up a rapport between you and your customers.

Corporate events

You can also use corporate video production to spread awareness about events that your company is hosting in the near future. To make a great corporate event video, you’ll want to include clips of previous events, but you should also clearly outline the time and place of the event to come.

Corporate documentary

A corporate documentary can help people learn more about the workings and history of your company. This may sound similar to a corporate profile video, but a documentary will usually be far more in-depth and longer. A corporate profile can be anywhere between 1 and 20 minutes long, where a documentary can be up to several hours long.

Grow your business with video

As corporate video production becomes more and more accessible, you’ll find that it plays a larger role in determining the success of a company.

Our corporate video maker can help keep you ahead of the competition, who may still be hiring pricey animation studios or be using bulky enterprise animation software to do the task.

Go pro using video without breaking the bank

All of the templates used in Motionden have been extensively reviewed by world-class designers to ensure that they feature excellent production quality.

Using Motionden, you’ll get similar results that you’re likely to get from top grade animation studios, without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Sign up and begin making engaging corporate videos for your business in minutes, no credit card required. That’s the Motionden way.


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