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A new & simple way to create your own commercials

Motionden’s makes it easy for you to create your own professional-grade commercial videos effortlessly. Our commercial maker app is the best when it comes to creating professional looking videos in minutes. Most people struggle to make a commercial video that is both stunning and engaging. Fortunately, we shift the tide in your favor.

Any professional or company who’s serious about their work should always look for new ways to spread the word about their product or service. To do so, it’s imperative that you have a good marketing campaign. Commercials are one of the most effective ways to do so.

Use a commercial maker app that’s easy to use and most importantly, is free to try.

How our commercial maker works

Choose your favorite commercial template

Hundreds of professionally-designed commercials available at your finger tips.

Personalize your commercial using our simple editor

Upload your photos and videos, change the text, colors and more. Make video suit your brand or business.

Instantly download & share your video

Once you finish customizing your commercial, we'll instantly begin generating your video.

You'll have a stunning commercial you can share with the world in minutes.


129+ Commercial templates to choose from

Choose from hundreds of award winning commercial templates, ready for instant customization. All templates come in desktop & mobile-friendly variations for your convenience.

Grow your business with video commercials

Why are video commercials so commonly used?

The answer is simple.

For starters, they’re often flashy, appealing, and get the audience’s attention right away. High-impact marketing videos are the future, especially in a time when the average attention span of people is steadily decreasing.

We could go on forever with the benefits that come with making commercial videos for your business, but all-in-all, it should be understood that commercial videos help you scale your business. And you don’t have to take our word for it, rather, you should see for yourself.

Can you name one growing business that doesn’t use video in their marketing strategy?

Targeting a large group of customers at once, as well as helping you drive consistent traffic to your business with evergreen marketing videos is our specialty. We enable you to consistently create stunning promotional commercial videos for your business or service.

Let Motionden’s commercial maker help lift a load off your back, so you can get back to focusing on other aspects of your business, instead of wasting time struggling to make engaging videos.

Your Business, Your Personalized Video

In order to create a well-made video commercial, there are two things you should keep in mind.

Authenticity is key.

Authenticity tells your audience that your video commercial is the real deal and that you put real effort into putting it together. Since your video is there to represent your company, it should speak to your audience in a way that feels authentic, personable and trustworthy.

Looks matter

Poorly edited commercials can drive away your customers. Isn’t that the opposite reason for why we create them in the first place?

Poorly made video commercials only prove that no effort goes into your business. Don’t make people think that the same should be true for everything else they should expect from you.

We understand

Motionden understands the equal importance of authenticity and beauty in design. Therefore, our commercial maker was made with built-in customization features you need to make your video commercial stand out. From changing the text, colors, images and even music. The possibilities are endless.

Personalize your video commercial, make it yours.

It gets better.

See, quality is something we take seriously, which is why all our videos are vetted by professional designers and animators before being made public. We do this to ensure that only the best and highest quality videos are ever made available to our users.


Everything you need to create jaw-dropping videos

Powerful features that make editing your videos easy. We have everything you could ask for, and more.

Simple, powerful customization options

High-quality video creation doesn't have to be difficult, so we're rewriting the rules.

Our video maker delivers simple features that don't compromise. Full control has never been so easy.

Automatic, instant delivery

We automatically begin generating your video for you as soon as you're done applying changes.

In seconds, you'll have a fully-personalized video.

Millions of 100% free stock assets

Choose from millions of professional photos, videos and music built directly into our editor, or upload your own.

No need to look anywhere else to make your video a masterpiece.

Let's face it. Nothing beats amazing community

We're always listening to our community, releasing new features & improvements to stay ahead of the curve.

Our world class community forum & support team is available 24/7, because we're better together.

Types of commercial videos you can make for your business

On top of our feature-rich video customization features, we also offer a suite of customizable video template categories. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we’ve made it a priority to ensure that we’ll always have something for everyone.

You can use our video commercial maker to make any of the following commercial types

Marketing Videos

Marketing videos help you sell, demonstrate or educate your audience about services and products you have available. Marketing videos can be extremely beneficial to your marketing campaign because they help build brand awareness.

Explainer Videos

Need to explain something but are short on time? Explainer videos might be just what you’re looking for. Explainer videos get to the core of your business offering and help you easily explain it to your audience with simple & helpful visuals, usually followed by a soft yet professionally-made voice-over.

More often than not, explainer videos contain animated characters, icons, and other helpful visuals. Unlike bland product presentations, explainers are almost always entertaining.

Promo Videos

A promotional video is another effective way of grabbing & retaining the attention of your customers.

The primary focus with promotional videos is to present your business in it’s best light and to drive people to take advantage of any given promotion shown in the video from. As its name suggests, it’s a promotional video and that’s exactly what it does. It promotes.

Typography Videos

Typography videos (known as Kinetic Typography) combine the use of visual effects with words and letters.

A typical typography video has countless moving words and letters. They can either fly across the screen, bounce back, roll, or even zoom in and out. It’s a great way to drive an idea forward in both an engaging yet effective manner.

Infographic Videos

Just like infographics (but in video format), Infographic videos present viewers with factual knowledge, data, and statistics to help deliver a message.

Companies often use infographic videos in order to discuss the benefits of their business or service in a way that is unquestionable (since it’s backed by facts & studies). Infographic video content is amongst the most authoritative type of content there is.

Corporate Videos

A corporate video is often the least popular, but the most revenue-generating type of video there is.

Corporate videos are used to generate B2B leads or even for offline use-cases such as in-house team meetings or quarterly updates for those in management positions. Offline-purposes of these videos can include safety training videos, financial results, promotional brand films, etc.

Facebook Videos

Let’s face it, everyone’s on Facebook these days.

When you post an engaging video on the social media giant, it’s statistically likely to get more attention than any other form of content that you’ll post. Facebook’s algorithm ranks video content higher and promotes it more-so than regular static content such as images or article links. It’s important to note that Facebook has format preferences, giving a preference to square & vertical content over standard width videos.

YouTube Videos

Known as the king of video, YouTube is known for being the second largest search engine in the world, directly trailing its parent company, Google. YouTube has thrived since it’s inception, and that’s not likely to change. If you want something promoted the right way, post it on YouTube.

Here’s a little secret.

Videos can be challenging to make. Now, while this might sound like a bad thing, it’s actually good for you. See, what this means is, most people aren’t willing to through the effort of creating great videos, leaving most YouTube search results underserved in most industries.

If you’re willing to create great YouTube videos for popular search terms in your indsutry, then you’ve got a clear pot of gold ready for the taking.


Use our commercial maker to make any of the above video styles in less than five minutes. It really couldn’t be easier to make great video for your business.

We’ve got it all.

Go professional using commercial videos without breaking the bank

Motionden’s commercial maker was designed to make video creation accessible for everyone. To do this, we’ve made it a core focus to make our video maker software as affordable to everyone as possible.

On top of being the only video maker with content that’s on-par with studio-quality production from design agencies and professional design freelancers, there’s still something else that sets us apart. Pricing.

We’re affordable.

Professional freelance designers can cost thousands to produce a commercial video for your business and even take months. This is fine for businesses who can afford it, but for small & developing businesses, this has never been feasible.

Design agencies are no different, perhaps worse.

You don’t have to let your competition get the best from professionally-made videos, when you can have the same for a fraction of the price. Use Motionden’s affordable DIY video maker, and reap the benefits that come from creating great video commercials for your business.


Benefits of creating your commercial with Motionden

Data & analytics dashboard

Data-driven decision making

Our creative process follows an 87-step design & marketing process that has delivered results for millions.

Partner with Motionden, because we know what it takes when it comes to marketing & design.


Easily scale your video marketing efforts

Accelerate sales, marketing, promotional campaigns and more. Personalized videos generated in seconds.


Templates for every major platform

Our templates come in desktop & mobile friendly variations, perfect for any platform.

Need social media videos? TV-ready ads? You name it, we've got it.

Join millions who benefit from using the world's best free online video maker.