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A Simple Way To Create Business Videos

MotionDen is the best online video maker software for businesses who want to create stunning videos.

From promotional videos, event advertisements, presentations, corporate or even social media videos. Our simple & free online video maker enables you to finally compete with big budget businesses.

Choose your favorite business video template, customize it via the cloud using our free video editor, and you’re done.

Making a video has never been this easy.

Modern Edge Text

Modern Edge is a great way to show off your sports, fashion, new products, portfolio and more! Blow away your audience with this stunning video animation.


Glossy logo opener is a multipurpose 3D logo template designed to introduce your video beautifully and professionally. This video can be used for YouTube videos, websites, presentations, shows and more! Simply upload your own personal logo and customize the subheading text, then let us handle the rest.

Digital Sliding Text

For those who are interested in a flat & modern tech style video design, Digital Sliding Text is for you! Made in a flat, simple & modern style, supported by elegant and smooth animations.

Urban Colors

Urban Colors is a beautifully animated promotional video made with fast-paced, well timed with dynamic typography. Effortlessly create your next stunning and trendy opener.

Clean Type

Clean Type is an eye-catching typography video design with fresh, clean and creatively animated kinetic typography titles. This multi-functional video design can even be used as smart looking video explainer


Simple and easy to edit. If you need to keep your video short, Ink provides large fonts and quick transitions.


Business Video Maker

MotionDen gives us, a small startup venture, the opportunity to create amazing videos for our business. They have become an essential part of our business' marketing toolkit.

Jason Rogan

CEO, Tarvenn Ventures

Grow your business with video

Any marketer worth listening to will tell you, video is the future of business marketing.

Now, while we don’t necessarily disagree, there’s one thing we’d like to add. Video isn’t the future of business marketing, rather, video is now the gold standard.

If you’re not already using video for business, you’re already behind. See, research shows that more than 60% of businesses already use video to promote their product or service.

Are you?

MotionDen’s business video maker helps you catch up to competition all while adding video to your business marketing toolkit.

Not only do well-made business videos drive engagement and make viewers want to learn more, but they're also known to increase your Google ranking. In fact, by adding videos to your website & social media campaigns, you’re increasing your chances to come up on the first page of Google by over 53 times.

In other words, if you’re not already making videos for your business, you’re behind.

Video creation, simplified

Not convinced that you should make video a part of your marketing strategy? Here’s some free advice – creating business videos is actually much easier than you think.

The days of spending weeks creating animated business videos are behind us. With MotionDen, an entire week’s worth of social media promotional videos can be made in a matter of minutes.

No Hollywood studio budget required. In fact, you don’t have to spend a single cent, because MotionDen is free to try.

Types of videos you can make for your business

We’ll be the first to admit, the business promo video maker space is cluttered with competition. Different solutions for creating videos for your business are out there.

The thing is, MotionDen’s video maker platform is the gold standard, no matter what your video marketing needs are. Whatever kind of video you may need, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Marketing Videos

Looking to spread the word about your business? Just select one of the many studio-quality marketing video templates available on MotionDen. Our high-impact marketing video templates are customizable and designed to drive engagement, conversions, and sales!

Video Presentations

Video presentations are a no-brainer, and the reason is simple. See, 79% of consumers prefer to watch video presentations over reading text.

Regardless of what kind of presentation you're looking to make, the flexibility of MotionDen's video maker allows you to make a video presentation for just about anything.

Video Commercials

Ever since Bulova Watch Company recorded the world’s first TV commercial (1941), this method of advertising has been the primary driving force for modern businesses. Over the years, video commercials have evolved, spreading from TV to the internet.

Today, you don’t need to spend thousands a dollars to make an effective commercial. All you need is a good business video maker like MotionDen.

Social Media Videos

Don’t think social media videos are that important? Think again. More than 75% of users who watch a promotional business video on social media visit the business's website to learn more.

Explainer Videos

The average person can read roughly 200 words per minute. Can you explain what your business is all about in a 200-word-long message? We don’t think so. But, what you can do is make a one-minute explainer video.

Explainer videos give your viewers information about your business in a spoon-fed, easily digestible format.

Promo Videos

Create promotional videos for your mobile app, business event, holiday sale and everything in between. Videos have the highest CTR (click-through rate) of all advertising formats. What this basically means is that if you want to boost your sales, you need to start using videos in your marketing campaigns. And for that, you’ll need promotional videos.

To make them, all you need is MotionDen.

Typography Videos

Typography is a known technique that turns static text into appealing visuals. Taking it a step further, MotionDen allows you to make typography videos, enabling you to create easily-digestible content for your readers and customers.

The best part? Making typography videos is super-easy. Just select your desired typography video template, enter your custom text. Voila, your typography video is done. MotionDen generates your customized typography video in just minutes.

Facebook Videos

Create engaging Facebook posts for your business while strengthening your brand equity with high-quality videos. From event promotional videos to a holiday social media video, Facebook videos help you stay in touch with your fans and loyal customers.

There are 7.6 billion people on the planet, and almost one-third of them use Facebook. With an audience like that, it goes without saying that Facebook is a must-have for anyone who is serious about growing their business. While social media is great, it’s important to keep your audience engaged with high quality animated videos.

YouTube Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the second-most popular search engine in the world? Nearly two billion people use the platform on a regular basis, so why not pitch some of them your promotional videos? After all, YouTube is free to use. You can make YouTube videos for just about any type of content, from informational videos to lead generation videos.

Infographic Videos

Facts are everything these days, and making fact-driven infographic videos can serve your business well. Infographic videos give you a chance to brag about your business without sounding vain. It’s also a great way to explain to your potential customers how they can benefit from your product or service.

Corporate Videos

When people think of business videos, they visualize engaging and fun video ads made to drive sales. But sometimes, businesses need video content for other purposes. Staff training videos, market update videos, B2B lead generation videos, and talent acquisition videos are among the most sought-after corporate video content types.

We could go on forever, but you probably get the picture.

Unsurprisingly, we suggest you give MotionDen a try and make a video for your business for free. Whatever you have in mind, our business video maker will make it a reality.

Your Business, Your Look

MotionDen is a business video maker designed to help business owners get the most out of their promotional videos. Our business video maker software allows you to fully customize your animated videos.

Choose your own music, add your own text and even change the colors. Customization is our specialty, because we understand the value behind personalization.

Go pro using video without breaking the bank

While animated video creation is known for being one of the most powerful methods of generating business growth, we understand that it comes at a price.

But times are changing.

If you want to make an awesome business video, you typically had just two choices. You either made the video yourself using complicated, enterprise-grade animation software, or you spent hundreds, sometimes thousands on animated videos made by motion graphic designers.

Neither of these options was ideal. But it doesn’t stop there.

With either of the above, you’re often likely to wait weeks before being able to even see a glimpse of what your animated video might even look like.

Sounds like a horror story to us. Wouldn’t you agree?

Which is why we made MotionDen.

For those who want fast results without compromising quality, you can create high-quality business videos on your own using MotionDen’s business video maker. No downloads, no waiting, and no credit card required.

Let’s make your ideas come to life.

Video solutions by category

Looking for more? We have a vast catalogue of customizable video designs to choose from.

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