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A Better Way to Customize Blender Intro Templates

While Blender is animation software is great, you probably can relate when we say that making intro templates with it isn’t as easy as it looks.

MotionDen is a platform that helps you create Blender-style intros and animated videos without the need for Bulky animation software.

Our Blender intro maker will make your customized intro in minutes.

We feature hundreds of templates of which you can choose from, fully customizable to your heart’s desire. Personalize even the smallest of details, make the intro videos yours. All via the cloud, no downloads, no headaches, and no credit card required.

Popular Blender Intro Templates

Choose from a variety of customizable blender intros templates, updated weekly to ensure there's something for everyone, no matter how complex or simple you want your custom intro.

Dark Smoke

Display your branded video with a smoke inspired logo opener! Dark Smoke is a multipurpose intro that features neutral colored dark smoke trails floating among a particle filled background. To modify this template, simply upload your own custom image/logo containing a transparent background.

Pattern Blast

Pattern Blast is a beautifully crafted 2D intro that is suitable for channels who want to get their video started on the right foot. Editing Pattern Blast is simple, simply enter your desired text and let us handle the rest.

Oceanic Pumps

Oceanic Pumps is one of our most popular 3D intro templates. It features professionally synched pumps and blue, black and white patterns. Customizing this project is easy, simply enter your custom text and let us handle the rest.

Fire Red

Fire up your video with this easy to edit & dark-themed fire red intro! Available only for a limited time.


Use this beautifully designed 8-bit gaming intro template to create a fully customized custom introduction in minutes. Our online intro maker helps you create a fully custom intro in just minutes, simply upload your photos and text to our channel and let us handle the rest.


Bright up your day with this purple and inviting intro & outro. This upbeat text opener requires only a name and slogan to be complete!


Why create stunning intros with MotionDen, online Blender intro maker software?

Best Way to Create Intros Online

They don’t call us the world’s simplest video maker for nothing.

Our simple intro maker even helps guide you through the intro customization process through easy-to-understand user onboarding tutorials.

We’ve spent years researching how to make a simple video maker, so you can spend less time worrying about making an intro, and spend more time on what matters most. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!

Unlimited Templates To Choose From

With MotionDen, it's all about variety.

We believe it's important that you have the ability to express yourself, thus we've ensured that we have a template style for everyone. Dozens of new templates are added weekly, because being able to uniquely express yourself matters.

No matter how professional, corporate, simple, quirky or engaging you need an intro design, we've got you covered.

Full Customization: Make It Your Own

Change the text, change the colors, upload your photos!

Our Blender intro maker offers a suite of features, so you can make your video truly unique.

Start For Free

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No credit card is required to start making your own custom Blender intros. Simply sign-up and choose your favorite video design to get started.

Try before you buy. It's the new way of doing business in the internet, and we love it.

Blender Intro Maker

Blender animation software is hard, MotionDen is easy. I'm now able to create cool and easy animated video intros for my YouTube channel in just a few minutes thanks to this new video making software.

Joh Wager

Lead Animator, Ánima Estudios

Fully Customizable Blender Intro Templates

I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that even though Blender is an amazing tool for creating intros, you still wish it was easier to use.

You wish there was an online Blender intro maker.

Imagine making a customized blender intro easily and free, entirely online.

No software.

No downloads.

No headaches.

Our Blender intro maker makes that possible.

Try one of the many professionally-made blender intro templates MotionDen has to offer, all which come with customization options that you cannot find anywhere else.

Change the text, upload your own music, or even change the colors of your intro. The possibilities are endless.

Above all, we would like to emphasize that our 2D Blender intro templates are carefully curated with top animation standards in mind.

Making a Blender Intro: Things to Remember

First Impressions Are Everything

As we’ve already mentioned, it is important to understand that the first thing that viewers usually see is the intro. Hence, it must leave a strong first impression.

Whether a viewer continues to watch your video or just skips it altogether depends on the strength of your hook. You have to deliver your intended message in a short time frame and make the viewer want to see more.

See, it’s important to understand that we live in an era of scrollers.

Short, Sweet and to the Point

If you want your intro to be impactful, it must be short, sweet and to the point.

Longform intros will only leave your viewers yawning, possibly even skipping the entire video.

Short and well-conveyed messages leave the strongest impact. It’s as simple as that.

Our Blender intro maker is a perfect addition your video marketing toolkit, enabling you to create simple, short video animated intros without pulling your hair.

Branding always matters

Don’t have an intro just for the sake of having it. First and foremost, you must understand the importance of branding.

In a way, everything that you see is a brand. Likewise, your intro should be a part of your brand and should further enhance it.

By using Blender intro templates from MotionDen’s intro maker, your videos will have a consistent design that strengthens your brand image.

Make your video intros the personal signature of your brand with fluent, well-made MotionDen intros.

Your Blender Intro Creator Helps You Build Your Following

The right intro can make or break your channel growth.

See, here’s the thing.

The numbers are in, and they show that with the right intro, the number of your subscribers will rise.

Sounds crazy? Think again

The strongest metric that affects channel growth is your video watch time, that’s unquestionably true.

With increased watch time, your video is algorithmically pushed to the top of YouTube search and related videos. This is the number one way to getting more views.

With that being said, it should be understood that the right intro can dramatically increase your overall video watch-time. See, beginning your videos with high-impact & engaging introductions only sets the rest of your video up for success.

With our intro maker, you’ll be able to do just that.

We know that Blender might seem complicated at times. You can spend days or weeks trying to figure out how to use the animation software, but we give you an easy-to-use solution that shortens the amount of time it takes to create great animated videos.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Look Like a Professional with MotionDen’s Blender Intro Maker

Spending countless hours creating custom animations, or hundreds of dollars on expensive motion designers is a thing of the past

Create your first animated Blender intro using MotionDen for free.

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