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Creating custom animated videos with complicated and expensive software is a thing of the past. Our video maker tool makes it possible for anyone to create custom video animations in just minutes.

No software,

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No kidding. ‍

Simply choose your desired animated video, customize it using our video maker app, and let us handle the rest. We'll produce your customized video automatically within minutes. ‍ Making a fully custom video animation has never been this easy

Featured Animation Templates

Hundreds of templates to choose from. Our animation maker has something for everyone, no matter the circumstance.

Modern Text

Modern Text is a bold yellow & navy blue video advertisement designed to fit your company needs. To edit, simply customize the text using our online video maker.


Get ready for BE BOLD, a perfect video design to present your passion in great style! Make noise & tell your story the right way with BE BOLD.

Digital Sliding Text

For those who are interested in a flat & modern tech style video design, Digital Sliding Text is for you! Made in a flat, simple & modern style, supported by elegant and smooth animations.


Rough is a powerful & attention-grabbing video template designed to promote your next dynamic video, extreme sports video, bike shows, parties, TV shows, vlogs or broadcast.

Urban Colors

Urban Colors is a beautifully animated promotional video made with fast-paced, well timed with dynamic typography. Effortlessly create your next stunning and trendy opener.


Inspiration photo slideshow is a stylish and artistic video slideshow with a visually appealing design, smooth text animations, soft light leaks and elegantly animated brush stroke transitioning effects.


Why Create Animated Videos With MotionDen's Animation Software?

Best Online Video Maker

Creating breathtaking animated videos is a breeze with MotionDen's simple online animated video maker.

Stunning animations, powerful video customization tools, even simple to understand user-guides.

Endless Catalog of Animated Video Templates to Choose From

You have the freedom of choice with MotionDen's extensive template catalog.

Dozens of new studio-quality & professionally animated templates are added weekly to ensure that we'll have something for everyone, no matter how particular your needs may be.

Powerful Customization Options

Add your text, change the music and even upload your photos & videos.

Our video maker gives you full control, so you can make videos truly yours!

Get Started For Free

Studio quality animated videos doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

Making your first video with MotionDen doesn't have to cost you any money, our video maker is free to use, no credit card required.

Animation Maker

"MotionDen helps our business hit the ground running with high quality & fully customizable animated videos. We couldn't be happier with the results so far. An absolute must-have for anyone with video needs."

Tim David

Motion Designer, Lone Star School Of Music

Benefits of Making Animated Videos

Using animated videos to advertise your services or products will open the door to a vast audience. Depending on the overall style and tone of your animation, you will be able to attract different target groups and thus draw attention awareness of your brand. Aside from that, there are other advantages of using animated videos, for example:

Retain your audience for longer

Animations can act in different ways and sport different styles. But one thing that they must incorporate is the ability to grab the attention and leave the audience for wanting more. A good animation always delivers a powerful hook, and our templates will help you achieve just that.

Easy to understand

A good animation must provide clear and concise messages. Just because it might be trickier to make it than to shoot a video, shouldn’t be an excuse for delivering content that makes no sense. Our animation creator delivers many options that will help you avoid that.

Higher conversion rates and sales

A good animation will simply draw the audience to your website or social media page. That means that, with the increasing number of visitors, your product or service will sell better. Quantity is something that should always be aimed for.

Build more awareness

A perfect animated video might be the last link completing your brand or the visual identity of your business. Animation can be a powerful tool that will help you put your business out there.

Easier to remember

Animated videos that are created with our animation maker tend to stay longer in the minds of those who view them. Your messages will be more visually assertive and will thus leave a stronger impression on your audience.

More social

Animated videos will help you connect. Wait and see for all those positive reactions from your surroundings. If you create them with our highly optimized animation creator, they’ll have a high chance of going viral.

Better for SEO

SEO optimization is very important these days. By including your animation videos on your website, you will make it more skimmable and thus increase its SEO performance.

They’re beautiful

Every one of us holds a certain spot in their hearts for animations. We got used to them since we were watching cartoons as kids. That’s why they always subconsciously remind us of a naive period of our lives when we felt safe and tucked in. Therein lies the real power of animation. That’s why we are still drawn to it even today. So use it wisely.

Types of Animated Videos You Can Make

MotionDen is a video maker tool that allows users to create animated videos online for free. ‍

Our library of professionally designed video templates has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to create an animated explainer animations, promotional videos, slideshows, event videos, intros, advertisement or anything else. Simply choose your favorite video design from our wide selection of templates and start editing it online using our simple video maker app.

Slideshow videos

Slideshow videos are a great way to enhance your webpage. Combining it with high-quality animations will only draw the attention of your audience. But that’s not all, our animation maker also allows you to add music for ultimate results.

Marketing videos

Marketing videos are a must in today's world. If you want to sell your product effectively, you will have to rely on all marketing tools, including professional-looking videos. They will represent you and your brand and thus they must be done with great taste. Have a look at our selection of templates and feel free to choose one that suits your product or service the best.

Video Ads

Classic online advertisements in the form of banners or pictures are slowly dying out. Video ads are the latest trend that will probably stick around for many years. Don’t miss this train as it is vital if you want to raise the awareness of your brand. Use our animation maker and easily create video ads that the audience will actually watch.

Explainer videos

We don’t believe that there is a better way to explain certain aspects of your product online than through a video. Large chunks of text will only repel your potential client. A high-quality explainer will achieve the opposite. The viewer will cherish you more for providing them with information in such a simple yet professional manner.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are very important. They will entice the potential client about your product or service and will help you to sell it quicker and easier. A good promotional video will actually do most of the selling for you.

Typography videos

Typography videos are currently a thing. They deliver messages simply while still managing to be interesting enough by giving enough action that keeps the viewer locked to the screen. With our animation creator, you will be able to create wonderful kinetic typography that your audience will remember.

Infographic videos

Creating an infographic is usually a hassle. Especially if it needs to be done in the form of a video. Stop wasting hours on something like that and focus your creative energy on other aspects of your project. MotionDen’s animation creator will give you the desired infographics within minutes.

Corporate videos

Sometimes your job will require you to create professional looking corporate videos. We understand that not every video is meant for advertising. Hence, our platform offers numerous templates for any occasion.

Mobile app promo videos

Promoting your mobile app with videos can be a challenge these days simply because everyone’s doing it. But, you can stand out by incorporating wonderful and captivating animations.

Video presentations

Video presentations will no longer look dull if you create them with our animation creator. Your audience will enjoy the trendy transitions and amazing effects.

Video commercials

Not all commercials have to be live action. By using our animation maker, not only will you save money on actors but you will also finish your commercial more quickly.

YouTube videos

Trying to stand out in the ever-growing YouTube community can be as though as winning the lottery these days. Your videos need to look tidy and professional and also deliver content that will be unique. That’s why you should think about adding animations, especially since they are popular on YouTube nowadays.

Social media videos

Increase the number of visitors on your social media pages by adding stylish animations that will help you differentiate your brand from the rest.

Business videos

Add a trendy twist to your business videos and astonish your colleagues with animation. Everyone in the office will absolutely love your unique approach, and if you implement it correctly, you can expect a certain business growth.

Vertical videos

MotionDen’s animation creator now lets you optimize your animations for cell phones by letting you convert them to portrait orientation.

Birthday videos

Instead of sending a card, send an animation and wish all the best to your dearest! The kids will absolutely love it.

Your Animated Video, Your Look

Everyone thinks differently when it comes to the animations. That’s why MotionDen lets you to fully customize your animated videos. Edit text in various ways, add multiple colors, slice it, dice it and put some good music on top in order to make it perfect.

Make Great Animated Videos Without Breaking the Bank

MotionDen allows you to try the animation maker for free.

Say goodbye to expensive software that will only take up too much space on your hardware while giving you headaches as you learn how to use it. Above all, the animation maker is a fast, reliable and secure way to create professional-looking animated videos in an instant.

Above all, you can try it out for free. No credit card information is required. You can simply access it from your browser and start using it immediately. That’s right. Our animation creator is cloud-based. That means that you won’t have to download bulky software. You will save time, money and free space on your hard drive.

Create Animated Videos With a Passion

Let's be honest.

Most people think that making animated a quality animated video is difficult. ‍

It doesn't have to be.‍

The days of struggling with Adobe After Effects editing software are over. ‍Whether used for commercial purposes or personal use, our video maker app allows you to create professionally designed animated videos online in just minutes, straight from your web browser. ‍

You can even upload your custom made video to YouTube for free, or pay a small fee to remove the watermark and download the custom video to your computer.

If done correctly, animations can be a fun and original way to promote your business, sell a product, offer a service or anything in between. But, creating animated videos can be a tiresome process that usually requires a lot of time, money and resources.

MotionDen wanted to put an end to that and offer a solution that is both affordable and reliable. That’s why we’ve created our animation maker. With it, you will be able to create top-notch animated videos with ease.

As you will see, the interface is made to be user-friendly. You will be able to easily use it without any previous experience in making animations. All you’ll need is an internet connection and you’ll be ready to start making eye-catching animations.

Video solutions by category

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