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Creating custom animated videos with complicated and expensive software is a thing of the past.

Our video maker tool makes it possible for anyone to create custom video animations in just minutes.

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no kidding. ‍

Simply choose your desired animated video, customize it using our video maker app, and let us handle the rest. We'll produce your customized video automatically within minutes. ‍

Making a fully custom video animation has never been this easy.


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Our video maker delivers simple features that don't compromise. Full control has never been so easy.

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We automatically begin generating your video for you as soon as you're done applying changes.

In seconds, you'll have a fully-personalized video.

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No need to look anywhere else to make your video a masterpiece.

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Create animated videos with a passion

Let's be honest.

Most people think that making animated a quality animated video is difficult. ‍

It doesn't have to be.‍

The days of struggling with Adobe After Effects editing software are over. ‍Whether used for commercial purposes or personal use, our video maker app allows you to create professionally designed animated videos online in just minutes, straight from your web browser. ‍

You can even upload your custom made video to YouTube for free, or pay a small fee to remove the watermark and download the custom video to your computer.

If done correctly, animations can be a fun and original way to promote your business, sell a product, offer a service or anything in between. But, creating animated videos can be a tiresome process that usually requires a lot of time, money and resources.

Motionden wanted to put an end to that and offer a solution that is both affordable and reliable. That’s why we’ve created our animation maker. With it, you will be able to create top-notch animated videos with ease.

As you will see, the interface is made to be user-friendly. You will be able to easily use it without any previous experience in making animations. All you’ll need is an internet connection and you’ll be ready to start making eye-catching animations.

Benefits of making animated videos

Using animated videos to advertise your services or products will open doors to a widespread audience.

See, here’s the thing..

growing your overall online reach is inevitable with great animated videos, but depending on the overall style and tone of your animation, you’re able to also attract different target groups, thus draw attention to your brand, project or idea in ways you never thought possible.

Here are other advantages of using animated videos:

Retain your audience for longer

Animations can help you achieve a number of goals, and can even be created in a variety of different styles. But one thing that they all must incorporate is the ability to grip attention and leave audiences wanting more.

A good animation always delivers a powerful hook, and our templates will help you achieve just that.

Easy to understand

A good animation must provide clear and concise messages.

Just because it’s a little more challenging to make animated videos than it is to just shoot & post regular videos, it shouldn’t be an excuse for delivering content that under-delivers results.

Our simple animation creator guides you through the process of making awesome videos by eliminating the bottlenecks that typically come with editing video.

Higher conversion rates and sales

To put it simply, a good animated video should always help you accomplish your campaign goals. Whether you’re looking to drive more users to your site, make more sales, or increase overall brand awareness.

Our video maker has got you covered. See, truth be told, our video templates are designed to convert even the most stubborn viewers.

Build more awareness

A perfect animated video might be the last step to completing the brand or visual identity of your business.

See, animated videos can be a powerful tool for shining light on your business. Some of the world’s most successful marketing campaigns have been driven by video.

If you aren’t already, then you should absolutely begin harnessing the power of great animated videos as soon as possible. After all, you deserve it, don’t you?

Video is known to statistically drive more awareness through engaging animated stories than any other form of media, by a wide margin.

Easier to remember

We meticulously improve our video content before it’s made available to the public, all just to ensure that animated videos that are created with our animation maker make lasting impressions, no matter the goal of our users.

Truth be told, when you create awesome videos with Motionden, your messages will be more visually assertive and will leave a stronger impression on your audience, even long after they’ve seen your video.

More social

Animated videos help you connect with the world.

Sit back, relax, and watch positive social media engagement pour in. Who knows, if you create awesome social media videos using our optimized animation creator, your videos might even go viral.

Better for SEO

SEO is the process of making your websites, videos and images rank highly on search engines like Google, and truth be told, optimization is unbelievably important these days.

By including animation videos on your website, you will make your pages more easily-digestible and friendly, thus increasing your overall SEO performance.

Let’s also not forget, video on your website pages enables you to appear with a video-snippet shown along a search results page. This tactic is known to drive tremendous results, because who doesn't love video?

They’re beautiful

We all have a soft place in our hearts for animated videos.

See, art comes in all shapes and sizes, and video is no exception to the rule. In fact, video is one of the rarest ways in which people display their creativity.

While everyone else is making pretty graphic images for their business or hobby, take things up a notch and create a fully custom & beautifully-made animated video instantly.

Don’t limit yourself. Create videos for any purpose, whether you’re looking to create an event promotional video or even just a high-converting advertisement. We’ve got it all. More on this later, though.

Use animated videos wisely to draw in crowds in ways you never thought imaginable.

Types of animated videos you can make

Our library of professionally designed video templates has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to create animated explainer animations, promotional videos, slideshows, event videos, intros, advertisement or anything else. We have something for everyone.

Simply choose your favorite video design from our wide selection of templates and start editing it online using our simple video maker app.

Slideshow videos

Slideshow videos are a great way to turn boring photos into animated movies. Combine your photos with high-quality animations for a guaranteed awesome video.

Use slideshow videos to impress friends and family, wish someone a birthday, celebrate an event or anything else in between!

Marketing videos

These days, marketing videos are a must. If you want to sell your product effectively, you’ll have to start leaning on a suite of marketing tools to make an impact online. Yes, even video marketing tools like Motionden.

Great looking animated videos are second-to-none when it comes to representing you and your brand in it’s best light. That being said, have a look at our selection of templates and feel free to choose one that suits you best.

Video ads

Old-school online advertisements methods such as banners or static pictures are slowly dying out.

Video ads are the latest trend that will probably stick around for many years. Don’t miss this train, as it is vital if you want to deliver results. Use our animation maker and easily create video ads that people will actually enjoy to watch.

Explainer videos

More often than not, there’s not many better ways to explain aspects of your business than with an animated explainer video.

See, trying to explain your service with long-form articles (basically large chunks of text) will only repel your visitors. A high-quality explainer video will help you achieve the exact opposite.

Drive sales and engagement through the roof with an awesome animated explainer video built using Motionden’s video maker.

Promotional videos

There’s no better way to generate attention for a holiday sale, service promotion or upcoming event than with a well-made promotional video.

If you ask us, we’ll tell you that promotional videos are second-to-none in the video marketing space.

See, selling is hard, but a quality promotional video will actually do most of the selling for you.

Why do all the heavy lifting, when you can let Motionden video templates do it for you?

Typography videos

Typography videos deliver messages clearly, all while still managing to be engaging enough to keep viewers glued to the screen.

With our animation creator, you’ll be able to create wonderful kinetic typography videos that your audience will remember for weeks on end.

Infographic videos

Creating an infographic can sometimes feel harder than performing heart surgery, especially if it needs to be done in the form of a video.

Stop wasting hours trying to do it with bulky animation software and focus your creative energy on other aspects of your project. Motionden’s animation creator will help you create stunning infographic videos within minutes.

Corporate videos

Create B2B lead-generation content, employee recruitment videos, event videos and more with our DIY corporate video production toolkit.

Sometimes your job will require you to create professional looking corporate videos. That being said we understand that not every video is meant for hipsters, gamers and film-makers. Our platform offers numerous templates for any purpose.

Even if you’re looking to take-on Wall Street.

Mobile app promo videos

Launched the next Snapchat killer? Creating mobile app promotional videos is a great way to drive traffic and installs to your mobile app.

Stand out by incorporating animated videos to your app-store listing that’ll help educate potential users. You can even create high-impact mobile app promotional videos to drive traffic to the app store.

Video presentations

Ditch the powerpoint, and start making engaging video presentations online using our video presentation maker.

Video presentations will no longer look dull if you create them with our animation creator, honestly. Your audience will enjoy the trendy transitions and amazing effects we bring to the table.

Video commercials

Create breathtaking video commercials using our video maker. By doing so, not only will you save money on precious post-production aspects of video creation, but you will also finish your commercial more quickly and effectively. All while producing results you never thought were possible.

YouTube videos

Trying to stand out in the ever-growing YouTube community can be as though as winning the lottery these days.

Your videos need to look tidy and professional, but still deliver unique and engaging content. An easy way to check all of the boxes is to add engaging, fun animations into your videos. Use Motionden’s free online intro maker to make that happen.

Social media videos

Social media is more important than ever these days.

If you own a business or personal brand online, Increase the number of visitors on your social media pages by adding stylish animations that will help you seperate your brand from the rest.

Business videos

Add a trendy twist to your business videos and astonish your colleagues with awesome looking animations. Everyone in the office will absolutely love your unique approach to presenting ideas and topics.

Looking to generate some buzz outside of your work-group? You can even create awesome animated business videos for marketing purposes and share them on social media.

Vertical videos

Mobile traffic is becoming more and more prevalent these days.

See, mobile devices now account for more traffic than desktops.

Motionden’s animation creator now lets you optimize your animations for smart phones by letting you convert your videos into mobile-friendly formats.

Birthday videos

Instead of sending just a birthday card from your local grocery store, send a lovely happy birthday video and wish all the best to your loved ones and colleagues

Birthday videos make for great egifts, since they’re easily shareable on social media, which is a great place to let your loved ones know about how much they mean to you.

Your animated video, your look

Everyone thinks differently when it comes to creativity. For that reason alone, we’ve found it important that we leave full control in your hands.

No limits, that’s the Motionden way.

Edit & change the text however you see fit, add multiple colors, upload your own custom music and even replace the images and videos.

Make great animated videos without breaking the bank

Try our powerful animation maker for free.

Say goodbye to expensive software that will only take up valuable space on your computer hard drive, while giving you headaches as you learn how to use it.

Try Motionden out for free. No credit card information is required. You can simply access it from your browser and start using it immediately.

Above all, our animation maker is a fast, reliable and secure way to create professional-looking animated videos in an instant.


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