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Getting into video making can often be a pricey proposition, as you will need the right equipment as well as a crew of people who have the right skills. While it is possible to do things yourself, live-action videos are often too demanding for a crew of a single person, so many will choose to animate their films.

If you want to become an animator, then you're going to need the best animated video maker out there, and MotionDen is likely one of the best options. MotionDen will allow you to create your animated films affordably, as it doesn't require a credit card and is free to start using.

In addition to being cheaper than the competition, MotionDen will give you a range of options to customize your animated videos, and it can be used by both beginner and advanced animators. Most animated video maker software will require a sizeable download, but another benefit of MotionDen is that it is cloud-based.

MotionDen hopes to make the art of filming animated movies much simpler, and even the most inexperienced users will be able to grasp it thanks to the shallow learning curve. In under five minutes, you will be able to create a customized animated video, and as your skills improve, you can do even more impressive things.

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Make an Animated Video Online Without Breaking a Sweat

One of the most intimidating parts of animation is learning the fundamentals, especially if you don’t have formal education in the art form. MotionDen will allow you to create your first animated film within five minutes thanks to a range of helpful features. Unlike other animation software options, MotionDen is highly versatile.

Look Like a Million Bucks With Studio-Quality Pro Animations

Of course, the most crucial thing to consider when choosing the best video animation software is how the animations look in the first place. MotionDen can create high-quality animations that are comparable to those which are made using professional software in Hollywood, demonstrating this software’s impressive capabilities.

Work With Animation Professionals - The Affordable Way

While MotionDen's professional quality will astound you, so will the price tag, but not in a bad way. This is one of the most affordable options on the market for film-makers who are looking for studio-level animation at a hobbyist price point. In fact, you can even try out the software for free, and you won't have to enter your credit card info.

Consistently Create Stunning Animated Videos

Of course, just because you can create something beautiful once, it doesn’t mean that you can replicate it, but the ease of use of this program means that you can keep your output consistent. When animators use other forms of free animation software, you’ll find that quality can vary from video to video, but that is not the case with MotionDen.

Make Beautiful & High-Impact Animated Videos (Fully-Customized)

Competing video maker animated software products will often look like they are easy to use, but then will restrict what you can do, leading to animations that are too canned to look unique. One of the best parts of MotionDen is that it is highly customizable, allowing you to create a film that is as close to your vision as possible.

Think of your desired goal

Of course, if you want to customize your video, the first thing you’re going to need is an idea, and the second thing you will need is a direction. Once you have decided how you would like to direct your animated film, you can use the MotionDen animated video maker’s templates to the best of your abilities.

Fully customize your favorite video design template online

Unlike other programs, this easy animated video maker will allow you to customize the template that you have chosen, ensuring that films made using the same template will still be unique. This is an excellent feature for beginner directors who may not yet have the skills to animate their film manually but would still like some control.

The Secrets to Creating Amazing Animated Videos

Of course, it takes more than the right animated video maker software to create an impressive work of art. Even if you have an idea in your head and MotionDen at your disposal, you may still be wondering how to make the most of it. You’ll want to follow a few key tips to ensure that your animation is of the highest quality.

Tell a story with your animated video

While this one may sound obvious, you’ll want to ensure that your animation’s narrative is coherent enough to follow all the way through the film. An animated video maker can’t make up for a disjointed story that is impossible to follow, so take the time to refine your script and keep it concise.

Keep your animated video believable

This is a common mistake in the world of animation. Just because animations are free from the constraints of live-action filming, it doesn’t mean that your story shouldn’t be grounded in reality. It is often easier to create a film that follows the laws of reality than it is to make one that doesn’t.

Tailor your animated video to create emotion

Even if you have a coherent story, there is no guarantee that it won’t be boring. The whole point of art (film included) is to make the viewer feel something. If someone doesn’t feel a pang of emotion over the course of your animated film, then an animated video maker like MotionDen won’t be able to help you.

No Software or Downloads Required

Finally, the best part of MotionDen is that it is 100% cloud based, meaning that you can avoid long downloads which will take up a lot of hard drive space. You’ll also be able to access MotionDen no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, even if you’re on a different device.

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