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MotionDen is a cloud-based 2D animation software tool that allows you to create full-blown studio quality video animations without the hassles they’re known to come with.

Create breathtaking 2D animations in an instant with our free, easy-to-use animation video maker.

Why spend hours creating a video animation when you can have something far more impactful in less than half the time?

Leave the high costs, headaches, and bulky animation software behind, and use MotionDen as your new video animation powerhouse!


Features polygons formed from triangles for graphics and triangular cuts during transitions. Offers faded zoom in text and bold large text to display your informaiton.

Sliding Text

Sliding Text is the video design for impressing your audience with its clean, modern and dynamic animation. This fast paced video design features stunning & clean typography.

Modern Simplicity

Modern Opener is a fast video opener, clean and creatively animated typography with well-timed and energetically animated transition effects. Perfect for upbeat and energetic themed videos!

Fast Typography

A great way to enhance your promotional videos, events, presentations, business videos and more. Fast Typography, a beautiful typography video made for simple and effective broadcasting.

Stylish Presentation

A presentation template complimenting shapes and patterns during transitions. A great way to present ideas in a stylish way.

Fast & Smooth Recipe

Cut, slice and edit. A sweet and simple design that shows ideas and interests involving food. List your recipe's, ideas or instructions in this high-definition gourmet video.


How our 2D Animation Software Works

Choose your desired 2D animation template

Choose from a collection of beautifully-made animated video templates.

Hundreds of fresh and frequency updated video templates to choose from. No matter your style or creative goal, we've got something for everyone!

Upload your photos and videos

Upload all of the images and photos you would like to add to your favorite video template!

Your security is our top priority. We store all our user-data in 256-bit bank level encryption.

Customize your template to suit your needs, make it yours

Insert your personal photos, videos, customize the text, change the colors and even upload custom music.

With MotionDen's simple & powerful video animation software, the possibilities are endless!

Watch our video maker robots generate your video for you

As soon as you're done applying changes, our video maker robots will immediately begin generating your video for you.

In just minutes, you'll have a fully-personalized video at your disposal with full usage rights. Even if that means showing your newly-made video during a Super Bowl ad.

2D Animation Software

Today I made my first animated video using MotionDen and the results were outstanding. I'm not experienced in video editing, so MotionDen's simple & intuitive 2D animation software was perfect for us!

Justin Eddins

Business Consultant, Adverator

Benefits of Making Animated Videos

When it comes to creating valuable online content, there are many benefits to creating animated videos, especially when you compare them to traditional media like posting basic blog posts on the web that are lackluster at capturing audience’s attention.

Retain your audience for longer

When compared to written media such as sales-copy or a blog post on a website, an animated video will be able to retain your audience far better because of how dynamic videos can be.

Think about it, how would you rather consume a piece of content? Would you prefer to read a long-form Wikipedia article or would you rather have a fun, quick animated explainer video give you that same information?

Video offers the opportunity to practically spoon-feed your audience, providing for less effort on the viewer’s part to receive and process your message. Thus improving retention or conversion rates.

Easy to understand

A combination of audio and visual explainer video content can help make a complicated idea or concept easier for people to understand.

Cut your audience some slack, and produce a well-made animated video for them to better understand what it is you’re presenting or offering.

Higher conversion rates & sales

As a result of being easier to digest, 2D video animation will also make for better conversion rates and sales for businesses. Use MotionDen’s 2D animation software to achieve just that, because who wouldn’t mind making more money?

Build more awareness

Have something that you want to promote? An animated video will make it easier for you to spread the word on whatever you’re looking to promote.

These days, it’s already hard enough for us to be heard. Eliminate friction and cut through the crowd by creating an awesome animated video to help build awareness.

Whether it’s for your brand, event, personal cause or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Easier to remember

Nothing is easier to remember than a well-put-together thought, and video helps you achieve just that. Using animation programs such as MotionDen help you produce memorable, easily shearable pieces of bite-sized content.

They’re beautiful

It’s hard to beat a well-made animated video.

See, here’s the thing.

2D animations simply look better than a block of text or a static image. There’s a reason for why video is such a popular term being discussed these days.

Content is king. But amongst all forms of content, video reigns supreme.

More Social

Videos are statistically 17x more shearable than images. See, it’s no surprise that Facebook is now primarily a video-focused platform. There’s a good reason for it, too.

Don’t fall behind, and start producing engaging social media videos to engage with the world!

Better for SEO

SEO is crucial to improving your search engine rankings and web visibility. A well-made video on your website can help improve your search engine results dramatically.


As you can see, there is a wide range of benefits to using our 2D animation program to create a 2D video instead of simply using text or images to showcase your idea.

Types of Videos You Can Make With 2D Animation Software

Our 2D animation software is highly versatile, allowing you to create a wide range of different kind of videos.

Whether for personal projects or business, anyone can benefit from the art of storytelling with great video animation.

When using our 2D animation software, the sky is the limit.

Slideshow videos

Turn images and video clips into animated movies. Slideshow videos allow you to present a series of animated images and video clips in a single animated movie. Perfect for any occasion.

Marketing videos

No matter what your marketing goals may be, videos will always play well with your marketing strategy. Our animation software can help produce high-converting marketing videos that’ll engage your audience better than any sales landing page ever could.

Video Ads

Video ads are among the most popular types of marketing videos. These types of videos are often times more direct in trying to get you to buy something.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are exactly what they sound like; videos which exist to explain something that most may not understand. These types of videos are great when you’re looking to explain something that may require a few minutes of someone’s time.

Promotional videos

No matter what you’re looking to promote, our video maker platform enables you to create awesome animated promo videos that help drive your marketing efforts forward.

Promotional videos can be used to spread knowledge about an event, opportunity, business or service. Nothing feels better than finally seeing results, and promotional videos help you achieve just that.

Typography videos

Typography videos make for a great way to produce simple, bite-sized, engaging videos with little-to-no effort.

These videos are known for being primarily text-driven. Though that might sound boring, you’d be surprised. These videos typically animate text in ways that is fun and engaging to look at.

Infographic videos

Similarly to standard visual infographic images, Infographic videos are also a great way to showcase content that would play well with facts, data or proven studies. Looking to discuss a questionable topic that may be seen as controversial? Infographic videos are your go-to solution.

Corporate videos

Harness the power of corporate videos and generate more B2B leads, build corporate awareness and drive more applicants to your company with MotionDen’s video maker!

As a side-note, If you want to relay information through your company like training or safety information, corporate videos can also be a great way to facilitate that.

Mobile app promo videos

Mobile app marketplaces are becoming more and more prevalent, especially in a time where mobile traffic supersedes desktop traffic on the web.

If you’re building a mobile app, our video maker can help you produce stunning animated promotional videos that’ll help you drive app-installs through the roof!

Video presentations

Animated video presentations can typically get our point across with ease, and will take less effort than long-form, boring powerpoint presentations.

Add some spice to company meetings and school presentations with the power of awesome animated video presentations!

Video commercials

Video commercials essentially another word for video ads, and often play in-between videos on streaming services, giving you a convenient audience to advertise to. These videos make for a great way to promote your new product or service offering online.

YouTube videos

Animations in YouTube videos can either consist of the content itself, or they can be used for intros and outros. Both are a great way to spice up the overall content on your channel.

Social media videos

As mentioned before, if you want to expand your social media presence, you can also use animation software to create short clips for social media.

Whether it’s for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,Linkedin or any other social media site, we’ve got you covered!

Business videos

You can also make videos to inform people about your business using animation software which will help improve exposure. MotionDen’s video maker is great for those who are looking to drive their business marketing efforts forward with video, the greatest way to share content online.

Vertical videos

Animated vertical videos make for a great way to share videos with mobile-focused audiences. Use our video maker to produce awesome animated videos and export them in various formats of your choosing!

Birthday videos

Create birthday animations for people that you care about, reminding them of the precious moments you have shared together. Birthday videos are a great way to create experiences with not just loved ones, but even those in professional settings such as the office.


There are many more potential applications for 2D animation software, and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Customize Your Animated Videos, Make Them Your Own!

The possibilities are endless.

There are many ways in which you can customize your videos using our animation software. From changing the text, uploading custom images and video clips, modifying the colors and even uploading your own music.

The power is truly in your hands.

Make Stunning Video Animations Without Breaking the Bank

Produce studio-quality animated videos, without a Hollywood studio budget.

When it comes to 2D animation software alternatives, you’ll likely have to pay up to ten times more to get the same quality as what is capable with MotionDen.

All of our templates are professionally vetted by animation professionals prior to being made publicly available. We do this to ensure that only the highest quality video templates are ever made accessible to our users.

Sign up today, and make your first customized video in just minutes with MotionDen!

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