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There are many ways in which we can express ourselves using the medium of film, but the two main categories are live-action and animation. While animation is usually looked at like something for children, it can be used to great effect in the world of business or even if you’re just a hobbyist.

MotionDen is one of the most helpful pieces of animation software on the market, mostly because it can be used by anyone. Even if you have no experience in animation, the template-based nature of this program will make your job simple, as you can choose from a range of them to form the base of your video.

Another advantage of our 2D animation software is that it is much more affordable than the competition, as it starts out free, and you don’t need to enter your credit card info to start using it. This gives you the reassurance you need so that you don’t have to worry about hidden charges or other eventual issues.

You’ll also find that using our free animator is far quicker than working with competing types of animation software. Where the competitors can take hours to render a single scene, you’ll be able to create your short clip using our animation program within five minutes of choosing your template.

Another crucial advantage of our animation video software is that it is entirely cloud-based, which means that you won’t need to deal with bulky downloads and long installation wizards.

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2D Animation Software

Benefits of Making Animated Videos

There are many benefits to creating animated videos for a business, especially when you compare them to simply written blog posts.

Retain your audience for longer

When compared to something written, an animated video will be able to retain your audience because it will take less effort on the viewer’s part.

Easy to understand

A combination of audio and visuals can help make a complicated concept easier for our audience to understand.

Higher conversion rates & sales

As a result of being easier to digest, 2D video animation will make for more conversions and sales for businesses.

Build more awareness

If you have a cause that you want to promote, an animated video will also make it easier to spread the word about it.

Easier to remember

Using animation programs will also result in a presentation or video that is easier for the viewers to digest, meaning that they'll retain it for longer.

More Social

A 2D animation will also be more social because it can be viewed by multiple people at the same time, and they can discuss it while they watch it.

Better for SEO

SEO is crucial to improving your search engine rankings, and a pertinent video can help improve your SEO dramatically.

They’re beautiful

Finally, 2D animations simply look better than a block of text, and they can have a certain artistry of their own.

As you can see, there is a wide range of benefits to using animating programs to create a 2D video instead of simply using text.

Types of Videos You Can Make With 2D Animation Software

2D animation software is highly versatile, and you can use it to create a wide range of different kinds of videos.

Slideshow videos

Slideshow videos allow you to present a series of animated images, and they are typically used for presentations.

Marketing videos

Marketing videos produced with a 2D animation maker will often be used to spread knowledge about a product or service.

Video Ads

Video ads are similar to marketing videos, though they’ll often be more direct in trying to get you to buy something.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are exactly what they sound like; videos which exist to explain something that most may not understand.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos can be used to spread knowledge about an event, increasing the overall attendance.

Typography videos

Typography videos are videos that are dominated by large text which directly relays the message to the viewer.

Infographic videos

Infographic videos are used to spread information, typically about a phenomenon or even a business.

Corporate videos

If you want to relay information through your company like training or safety info, corporate videos can also be made with the best animation software.

Mobile app promo videos

Animations can also be used to great effect when it comes to promoting and advertising mobile apps.

Video presentations

Animated video presentations can typically get our point across with ease, and will take less effort than live-action presentations.

Video commercials

Video commercials are ads that are played in between videos on streaming services, giving you a convenient audience to advertise to.

YouTube videos

Animations in YouTube videos can either consist of the content itself, or they can be used for intros and outros.

Social media videos

If you want to expand your social media presence, you can also use animation software to create short clips for your Facebook or Instagram.

Business videos

You can also make videos to inform people about your business using animation software, which will help improve exposure.

Vertical videos

Animated vertical videos are also possible, especially if you want it to be easier to display on a phone screen.

Birthday videos

You can even create birthday animations for people that you care about, reminding them of the precious moments you have shared.

There are many more potential applications for 2D animation software, and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Customize Your Animated Videos, Make Them Your Own!

There are many ways in which you can customize your videos using our animation software, including adding text, images, and videos. You can also change the colors and music to suit your tastes.

Make Stunning Video Animations Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to 2D animation software alternatives, you’ll have to pay up to ten times more to get the same quality as with MotionDen. All of our templates are selected by professionals, and they are curated from amongst the most beautiful clips available.

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